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Are Faith and Science At Odds?

This nonsense came at me out of the blue, but helps illustrate the topic. Buon giorno. When discussing science, evolution and faith, people have some very strange ideas about definitions. I have encountered some interesting re-defintions (including the astonishing claim that if someone is not an evolutionary biologist, he or she is not a scientist!), misunderstandings of definitions (deliberate, I suspect, for purposes of personal attacks), equivocation (evolution is science, from people who promote the thing but do not really understand it themselves) and so on. For that matter, the word "evolution" itself has several meanings. Many misunderstandings can be avoided by a couple of things: First, know the correct definition of the word, and second, clarify terms in the first place, such as "What do you mean by...?" Then there are the types who say that if you disagree with the tentative, tampered, tendentious "evidence" for evolution, you are

Kindle, I've Got You Covered!

Buon giorno. When I did my write-ups about my Kindle , I mentioned that there were three things that did not come with it: Cover, external light and additional power supply. This is about the cover, which was the most important accessory to me. Covers are not cheap. Amazon makes some covers that include a light, and cost almost as much as the Kindle itself. I did some serious searching, and checking the reviews. Some people give a 1-star review because they are too difficult to please, others give it because they are upset about shipping (that's not cool). But some had genuine issues. I saw reviews where the 1, 2, and 3-star reviews totaled more than the 4 and 5-star reviews, so I skipped those. Buried in the list were a few covers by a company called Timbuk2. Not many reviews, but one gave all the details that I needed, and I went for it. By the way, I am not being paid or getting anything for this review.  The one I got was black/gunmetal/red. I have no idea why