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Religion of Peace: Remain or Die

Mohammedans boast that their religion is the fastest-growing religion in the world. (I have serious doubts about the veracity of that statement.) Their official policy is to convert by force. If you leave Islam, you are risking the death penalty. I think it was Ravi Zacharias who said that if Islam took its foot off the necks of the people, then we would really see how fast it grows, and how long people remained without converting. Many people through history, and even today, believe the truth of the gospel of Christ is worth dying for. Since Mr. Obama’s entry into office, Christians have been slaughtered throughout the Bloody Crescent with hardly a peep from the U.S. State Department or the White House. Nigerian human rights activist Emmanuel Ogebe recently reported that more Christians have been killed by Islamist Boko Haram than NATO troops have been killed in Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled Iraq. They’ve fled into Syria, of all places. Operatio

Let's Be Blunt — Atheism is Bad Philosophy

Despite the rants of misotheists, atheism is an unworkable worldview. Biblical Christianity is the only way to make sense of the questions of life. If you are an atheist you may be offended by the following material. You may feel it is a personal attack, but it is an ideological one. I realize that no two people are exactly alike. I know many people have good, meaningful and moral lives without religion. At the deepest level my criticism is my way of understanding why atheism didn't work for me in the end. However it is scathing on atheism ideologically, so be prepared. My provocative and polemical style here arises not least from the polemical nature of atheism itself. I am making an essential critique of the literal meaning of atheism, the denial of the existence God, in a brief but strict philosophical argument about ideology. I'm subjecting atheism to its own rationalist analysis, I'm just doing so in a way which also acknowledges that ideas are real, whic

Proof of my Awesomeness

Some people didn't believe in my awesomeness, but here's proof. It was in my Chinese fortune cookie: There ya go, Sunshine! Actually, the Chinese fortune cookie is not even Chinese . If you give one to someone in China, you'll be asked why there's paper in it.

Atheists and Sexual Harassment

"The idea of God interferes with our sexual mores." — Julian Huxley "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." — Aleister Crowley I have speculated before that atheism is a form of Satanism , especially the Anton LaVey version. "How can you say that atheism is like Satanism, Cowboy Bob?" Glad you asked, Nicky. But you really should check that link. LaVey's version of Satanism is based on selfishness. When someone has no established moral compass (such as atheists), selfishness and pride are paramount. Also, I have seen distinct signs of demonic influence in many of these so-called "New Atheists", who are exceptionally angry, hateful and vile. It did not come as a surprise to me when a friend send me a link to this article. He added, "Seems a lot of these 'progressive' type men (that's my word, the article uses "secularist" and "nontheist", but I just bet they're mostly proggy