September 26, 2016

Putin on the Ritz

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

3дравствуйте товарищ! In a recent episode of The Briefing, Albert Mohler expressed thoughts about how many Republicans are fond of Vladimir Putin (Владимир Путин), president of the Russian Federation. In the spirit of "Me, too!", I wanted to give some of my thoughts, things that Dr. Mohler and others have probably discussed already, but with my distinctly less intellectual approach. So I may as well continue Russian into this.

Some Republicans and Conservatives are enamored with Vladimir Putin. Is that such a good idea?
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People can respect and even admire political, religious, and other opponents without giving up their own principles. Dr. Mohler discussed the "strong man" aspect of Putin, and I can see why this appeals to some people. I'm old enough to remember being fearful about some degree of nuclear war with the Soviet Union. The Soviet KGB (and to some extent, the GRU) were the subjects of books, essays, movies, television, and the like, so we were frequently reminded of their presence and activities with what I believe was a mixture of fear and respect. Comrade Putin was a high-ranking official in the KGB, and now he's boss of a mighty big country that spans eleven time zones. Impressive.

He appears as a no-nonsense kind of guy who is very physically active (and rides bears, if you believe photo editing). Guys who go to those "How to be a Robust He-Man" sites want to emulate President Theodore Roosevelt, so they may be attracted to Putin's style. Russia has a low tolerance of Mohammedan terrorism, and they don't cotton to homosexual propaganda, either, so those aspects are likely to appeal to some American voters. Putin repudiatd atheist ideology and also said that Communism was a blind alley, something else that should appeal to many Americans. If he's being truthful.

We've also had to deal with a long spell of B. Hussein Obama bowing and scraping to foreign and domestic leaders, apologizing for America, making his own rules via "executive orders", yada yada yada. Along comes Donald Trump, who gets on the prod when he's criticized, isn't afraid to speak his mind (his position of the day, which may change at a moment's notice), and that appeals to many voters: make America strong again. Hillary Clinton is running for president, but has criminal charges that should be pursued by legal agencies, health issues, dishonesty, and much more that the leftists and their media cohorts are covering up and excusing. I'll let you do your own research on those issues, there's a heap of it on the Web.

Vladimir may want to saddle up and ride with the Russian mafia. That doesn't sound good. Should we hold his secret police KGB history against him? I'll just say it's worth taking into consideration, especially since he wants to revive it. His "christian vision" that repudiates atheistic ideology should give some people cause for concern, especially those who study biblical prophesy. The Soviet Union persecuted Christians for decades, and the KGB was instrumental in that. After the fall of the USSR, Christian persecution was greatly reduced. However, recent developments, including a new law that restricts evangelism (ostensibly as a tool against Mohammedan terrorism) is affecting Christians. Franklin Graham changed the venue on a Christian persecution summit away from Russia, which would have been a fitting irony since Russia and the USSR were leading persecutors on the globe.

So what are Americans faced with? A seemingly strong but inconsistent Donald Trump, a wicked abortionist leftist Hillary Clinton, a history of Obummer's leftist machinations, not knowing who to trust, some of us wonder if a third-party candidate can win, praying for God's will and mercy. There's that guy on the other side of the world seems like a strong man with values and knows what he wants. Values? Not hardly! My belief is that Vlad may be a nice guy, and he knows what he wants and how to get it, but admiration should be kept to a distance. Republicans — and especially Conservatives — shouldn't try to dance with someone that seems ritzy, but could be a monster. Don't compromise your principles and emulate someone's ruthless tactics, you savvy?

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