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More About the Blatant Dishonesty of the "I Lack Belief" Assertion

Buon giorno. When atheists redefine the established definition of the word "atheist" ("No, we didn't!") into the Dawkinsesque, "I lack belief in God or gods", they are being dishonest. That's right, I said it! The ploy is to say, "You believe in God. I lack belief, so I have nothing to prove. So, you prove it, and I'll just sit here in my lack of belief". Ridiculous. They are making a truth claim that "There is no God". They equivocate God with the Tooth Fairy, but there are no converts to Tooth Fairyism, no philosophers, nobody writing books about how the Tooth Fairy changed their lives. Thinking people should not fall for that insulting, smug nonsense, capice? So, what about the guy who says, "I lack belief in the September 11 terrorist attacks, and I lack belief that the Holocaust happened"? Do you just say, "Oh, since you lack belief, you have nothing to prove"? Like the atheist, they are

Creation: Science and Theology

Also posted at "A Soldier for Jesus" and at "Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman". Buon giorno . This is a different kind of article for me, because it was a new experience. I pestered Chris Date to let me be on his " Theopologetics " podcast to talk about creation science. He was interested, and said he had someone else in mind so that all three of us could do the podcast. This would be great in the lead-up to " Question Evolution Day ". It was scheduled several weeks away. We got the outline of questions he was going to ask, and shared it online to create our responses. Finally, the evening of February 7, 2012 arrived. This was my first conference call on Skype, and only about the fifth time I've used it at all, so I was a bit awkward with it. Chris is experienced not only with technological things, but able to develop the interview questions to bring out the strengths of his guests. He is also serious about theology itself, and ta

Persecution of Christians is Not Always Successful

"Tolerance is a two-way street." happens when a graduate-level student of counseling is a Christian and does not want to deal with homosexual issues? In accordance with guidelines, she refers to another counselor. How does the college respond to her actions that were "by the book"? Tell her to undergo remediation to see the error of her ways or be dismissed. Wow, the Gaystapo is intimidating to the weak-willed! But this time, it looks like justice, truth and even common sense can prevail. Some of us stand up for values. The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered a trial at the district level for a graduate level counseling student who was dismissed from her program for asking that a client with “gay” issues be referred to another counselor because as a Christian she could not affirm that lifestyle choice. Officials at Eastern Michigan University took that action against Julea Ward, a student approaching the end of her degree program with a 3.91