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Do You Show It?

This discussion is more for the men, but I think women can get something out of it as well. "Bond, I've always tried to teach you two things", said Q. "First, never let them see you bleed." "And the second?" "Always have an escape plan." Although it is wise advice for the spy world, we're going to look at it and expand on it. "Gosh, Uncle Bob, are you a spy?" Let's just say that I've had some dealings with, uh, unsavory characters in my time. And some of them still owe me favors. Youse guys payin' attention? (Sometimes you have to talk that way so that they understand you.) Never let them see you bleed. Right. If you're wounded, the bad guys will be even more ready to charge in and finish you off. And you can't show your weaknesses. How does that work for daily living? In the business world, you can't let your competition see that you're wounded or vulnerable. That also applies to office politics. It