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Glimmers of the Cowboy Code?

Buona sera . This article is taking a different approach, and I'm posting it in several places at once because it doesn't fit just one Weblog theme. I’m suspicious of Instead of trying to help men be better men, it often has articles written by women that tell men how to please women. And they have those online surveys. These are nowhere near scientific (like the “Top 48 Most Influential Men of 2008” putting B. Hussein Obama ahead of many other tried and true contenders; it was obviously repeat voting done to influence the election). Their “ Top 99 Women ” can also be influenced by repeat voting, but the motive is fan based. “...Our 2009 Great Male Survey , a poll that drew over 50,000 participants and more than 2 million responses. We asked our male readers more than 100 questions about their love lives, their jobs, how they spend their leisure time, and their thoughts on current events. The final results paint a surprising picture of the modern man --