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Zuckerberg, Hate Speech, and Congress

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Mr. Markie Goes to Congress As you probably know, Facebook is having some difficulties. Because of the data scandals, their stock is plummeting , and people are quitting it — including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak . Do some searching for "reasons to quit Facebook", and you'll see that warnings are not only sounding now, but have been for years. He offered his standard apology, but people are not expecting much. It didn't mean much before, after all. via GIPHY Mark Zuckerberg had himself a little discussion with the US House and Senate. It's not just about selling information, but about discrimination, censorship , and hate speech. Fazebook has a reputation for allowing terrorist speech ( here is one report ), then they get on the prod and slap down non-leftists ( here is an example , his campaign was "shocking and offensive"). Two black women (I know they're two black women, they keep telling us this) who go by