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Hating Donald Trump Near and Far

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen There is an amazing amount of vitriol aimed at Donald Trump, his supporters, and Christians. There were many Christians who did not support him, or (like me) only did so reluctantly in hopes that he meant what he said about appointing Supreme Court judges that are pro-life [ 1 ], supporting religious freedom [ 2 ], and he promises to uphold the Constitution [ 3 ]. Whether or not appointed judges betray the values they claim to uphold (like some have done) remains to be seen. Also, there's that "down ticket thing", people running for other offices; it wasn't just a presidential election, you know. I'm cautiously optimistic, and hope he gets advisers who know what they're doing. Christians need to pray for him [ 4 ]. I'd like to recommend a Christian analysis of the election on Janet Mefferd's podcast [ 5 ]. For some interesting discussion from a secular source, I had a great time listening to analysis and callers on this p