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Press One for English

Buona sera. How are things going? Good, I hope. Enough of this happy banter. I'm irritated, and I want to tell the world. Today's topic is something that everyone seems to be writing and talking about, and I want to go on record as well. It's a very American subject, but I wonder how many other countries feel the way I do. Said topic is illegal immigration. Yeah, I know, so what. I'll tell you "so what". I'm really fed up with a number of issues here. One is the attitude of some bleeding-heart Americans that say, "The poor dears are fleeing an oppressive regime, we should give them sanctuary." That's a planter full of turd blossoms! Any idea how many people want to get into the USA in the first place? They have their reasons, too. What, we should just let anyone wander in that doesn't like his homeland? Get real. "Gosh, Bob, why should you care, anyway?" I'll tell you why. First, the borders are wide open and any t