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Further Adventures in Atheo-Fascism

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen By my reckoning, evidence refuting evolution and deep time is increasing, as is evidence for special creation. Anti-creationists on the web commence to jabbering, trolling, bullying — but are unable to offer luculent responses. Instead, they  react. Hatetheists  and fundamentalist evolutionists detest that we present our side of the origins controversy. In fact, many act like we do not even have the right to disagree with their worldview. Something I've said before of which I am more firmly convinced than ever: they want us  silenced.   Many scoffers will pretend to read articles, listen to podcast, or watch videos we provide. However, they make judgments based on a title, a summary, or some-such. They embarrass themselves because their criticisms were often addressed in the items they refused to investigate, such as this one . In their blinded pride and arrogance, mockers utilize many rescuing devices, often using logical fallacies to  dry-gulch  the o