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Using Bad Logic

I don't see the logic of rejecting data just because they seem incredible. — Fred Hoyle Edited for wording 9-06-2012 Buona sera. I have had the opportunity on several occasions to actually use what passes for logic in some atheists' minds right back at them. Since this experience is spread out over several Weblogs and over a period of time, I will give you the distilled essence. But first, caricatures of how it feels to be on the receiving end. Sitting at the table, counting out my medications and putting them in dispensers for the week. A pill rolls off the table onto the floor. Later, I say, "Oh, no. I'm one pill short for the week!" The atheist watching me says, "There's one on the floor. You have the exact amount. You're a liar!" Teasing an atheist, I joke, "Does what you said really pass for rational speech on your planet?" The atheist shoots back, "Liar! I'm not from another planet, and you kno


Buona sera. Looks like it's media weekend here, huh? I'm going to close it out with a piece of audio. I have been listening to the podcasts of " Evidence 4 Faith " Christian apologetics. They had been doing some material on critical thinking skills, logical fallacies and the like. Before they went into their March 13, 2011 discussion on "What Makes a Good Argument", my letter was read on the air. This is further verification of my discussions with Rev. Matt Slick of CARM regarding the obstreperous nature of Internet atheists. Two of my pet trolls are mentioned, and it turns out that Keith and Kirk have the same kinds of problems that I have. Obviously, they have more than I do because they have been doing an apologetics ministry for several years. (They said that I have a "ministry". Well, I sort of have one, but this is not it.) By the way, I wonder if Keith Kendrex has heard the "Made in Europe" version of "Stormbringer" b