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Is This What They Call “Tolerance”?

A couple of things this time around. First, the Christian fish symbol ichthus is getting out of hand. Not so much by Christians, our symbol is ancient and uncluttered: Then someone decided to essentially raise a middle finger to it and make a Papa Darwin version, as seen in the cartoon at the top. Yes, I know they're out of order, I wanted to lead with a colorful 'toon, OK? Anyway, someone even more clever hit back with "Truth": I should get got one of those! My earlier "out of hand" remark is because there are many more designs available. Several are marketed toward obstreperous atheists, and some are marketed toward sci-fi loving virgin geeks. Even more can be had. Clutter! So anyway. This is an appropriate celebration of getting my autographed copy of The Lie: Evolution by Ken Ham replaced. EDIT: Now revised and expanded !   Here is an article from "Answers in Genesis": In today’s seculari

Bin Laden was a Harmless Old Man

This harmless old man only had one crime: Cheering for the attacks on America. Other than that, he never bothered anyone. Anyone who believes that rubbish needs his medication adjusted. This news just in: Just before his death, Osama bin Laden told London sleeper cells to carry out attacks. Read more here . Also linked here . Addendum: B. Hussein Obama says that bin Laden wasn't a Muslim leader. Yeah, sure. Only Obama Zombies believe that tripe! Well, the question has been raised: If he wasn't a Muslim leader, why was he buried at sea within twenty four hours ? By the way it adds fuel to my own fire that B. Hussein Obama is a closet Muslim , what with giving the carcass such dignities. Did you know that with slain murderers, the ceremonies are often postponed because of post mortems? Yup, I'm still a bit suspicious.