May 16, 2011

Bin Laden was a Harmless Old Man

This harmless old man only had one crime: Cheering for the attacks on America. Other than that, he never bothered anyone.

Anyone who believes that rubbish needs his medication adjusted. This news just in:

Just before his death, Osama bin Laden told London sleeper cells to carry out attacks. Read more here. Also linked here.

Addendum: B. Hussein Obama says that bin Laden wasn't a Muslim leader. Yeah, sure. Only Obama Zombies believe that tripe! Well, the question has been raised: If he wasn't a Muslim leader, why was he buried at sea within twenty four hours? By the way it adds fuel to my own fire that B. Hussein Obama is a closet Muslim, what with giving the carcass such dignities. Did you know that with slain murderers, the ceremonies are often postponed because of post mortems? Yup, I'm still a bit suspicious.


Agam said...

Interesting. London police have just been given a bomb threat for central London, it's said to be from the IRA.

Rhomphaia (Sword) said...

Look at the harmless little grandfather WITH AN AK-74!

Yeah, OB is trying to keep the ole fence straddled. I can't WAIT til he falls off!

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