January 4, 2016

Being Offended, Tolerance, and Fazebook Absurdity

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

At The Question Evolution Project, one of the Admins posted a picture that went a bit viral. (Ironic, I didn't make it, and it's not the topic of the Page.) The caption was about how people in 2015 were offended at everything, and it would be great if people grew up in 2016. Many people commented with strong agreement, but some were unclear on the concept. Some were on the prod along the lines of, "You want us to be quiet about injustices and just get walked on". Oh, please.

Many of us don't cotton to having people claim to be "offended" at the drop of a hat, expecting everyone else to change their ways, speech, and thinking to coddle their egos. Some of us are offended at things and just move on, not demanding "safe places" or special legislation. A lot of this is found in an entitlement mentality, people assuming they have certain "rights" because they want to follow their own desires. Demanding political correctness and so on are actually attempts to stifle free speech. Now, don't go all Opposite Orville on me. I'm not condoning the idea of speaking freely that you're inconsiderate of the sensibilities of others (one bit of cowboy etiquette is to save your cussing so it's around horses and cattle). It's quite another to have to walk on eggshells because someone, somewhere, is looking for a chance to be "offended" and file a complaint somewhere. It's like the boy who cried, "Wolf!" All those "offended" complaints diminish the impact of important things that are worth dealing with, you savvy?

Some people claim to be offended at every little thing. Facebook is rewarding bad behavior from leftists, atheists, and others while smacking down Christians and Conservatives. Being "offended" is becoming meaningless because so many people want to be coddled.

Atheists, leftists, and so on want to silence the opposition. If they can't do it through legislation, they'll do it through intimidation (including ridicule and straw man attacks). Facebook is famous for suppressing posts from Christians, creationists, and political Conservatives. Now, I don't reckon that the Facebook Anti-Speech Police are able to examine material from its 1-1/2 billion users, but they do tend to act on complaints from "offended" leftists and anti-Christians. I've reported material with a frog nailed to a cross, threats of violence, the Last Supper painting remade as ghouls engaged in a gore feast, blatant obscenity, racism, and more, but those did not violate their hate speech "standards". The hypocrites at Fazebook also coddle Mohammedan terrorists

When an individual or a Page gets the smackdown, the person can have the account suspended, and a Page can be taken down. But for atheopaths or leftists, ain't happening much. Those of us who stand for traditional moral values such as biblical truth regarding same-sex marriage run a risk of getting booted from Fazebook. Sure, FB has a standard, and it's a double.

There's a Page called God or Absurdity that stands up for many Christian values, and shows the dangers of several leftist philosophies. They got a time out for posting this picture (which was posted over seven months ago, has been spread around, but G or A got in trouble for it). They had seven posts removed, which you can see and read about here. Some pro-abortionist bushwhacker probably filed a complaint, and this Page was suspended for a while, as well as several Admins' accounts. Now, I don't agree with everything they hold to in their theology and have had some differences with them (if it was the cultist at Evolution is a Religion of Origins, I wouldn't have a burr under my saddle), but this is just plain wrong, old son.

God or Absurdity was removed, but is continuing at God or Absurdity Reloaded.

By the way, I think FB scopes out graphics more than articles, but that's just based on my experiences.

I'd like you to read the article on Facebook fascism at the God or Absurdity blog. Someone should tell Facebook that it's bad policy to irritate millions of people that they want to sell products to, and that tomorrow, they can become as irrelevant as MySpace is today. People have trouble growing up intellectually and emotionally when they have enablers and other people who reward their bad behavior. ADDENDUM 2-17-2016: It happened again, and worse this time. Click here to read the author's account. Addendum 3-01-2016: Click here to see how the Page was removed for criticizing the false religion of Islam.

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