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Being Offended, Tolerance, and Fazebook Absurdity

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen At The Question Evolution Project , one of the Admins posted a picture that went a bit viral . (Ironic, I didn't make it, and it's not the topic of the Page.) The caption was about how people in 2015 were offended at everything, and it would be great if people grew up in 2016. Many people commented with strong agreement, but some were unclear on the concept. Some were on the prod along the lines of, "You want us to be quiet about injustices and just get walked on". Oh, please. Many of us don't cotton to having people claim to be "offended" at the drop of a hat, expecting everyone else to change their ways, speech, and thinking to coddle their egos. Some of us are offended at things and just move on, not demanding " safe places " or special legislation. A lot of this is found in an entitlement mentality, people assuming they have certain "rights" because they want to follow their own desires. Demanding poli