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December 24, 2018

Atheistic Anti-Holiday Foolishness

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Canada has been doing a whole whack of stuff that is anti-family, anti-conservative, anti-free speech, and anti-Christian. Like many other parts of the world (including these here United States), this kind of behavior by governmental and legislative officials has been increasing. Atheists whined, and were financially rewarded. What, is Canada turning into France and surrendering to bad behavior?

Atheist parents in Canada sued a school and won over Christmas and Hanukkah displays. In reality, they lost on many levels.
Background image courtesy of Why?Outreach
Up yonder in British Columbia, an atheist family complained about religious holiday symbols (atheists complain a lot, it's their nature). "You have to stop what you're doing and everybody else has to comply to our demands", it seems. The school didn't want those obstreperous schmendricks in their establishment, so they said not to come back. The atheists sued and won!

Although what used to be civil and legal rights were on the side of the school, when you have leftist misotheists in power, rights do not matter any longer. While the atheists "won", they actually lost:
  • They are teaching their child intolerance and bigotry.
  • The child is learning that whining and seeking legal action are the way to settle disputes.
  • This child is also learning to be a jerk, expecting the rest of the world to cave in to his or her narrow demands.
  • Schools are supposed to be places of learning, including what other people think and believe. It appears that these unfit parents want to keep the kid in a bubble, unaware that other people think and feel differently.
  • Unless something changes drastically, this child is learning to be unfit in dealing with other people, whether in Canada or other cultures; shielding the kid does not work.
People celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. That means songs, symbols, greetings, decorations, and so forth. Despite the efforts of misotheists, most calendars number the years based on the fact that God the Son, the Creator, entered his creation to redeem us. Trying to change AD and BC to CE and BCE are shallow efforts to deny historical reality. Is the child going to complain about the years on calendars or stamped on coins?  Perhaps Junior will become a Christian despite the efforts of atheo-fascist parents.

I'm going to ride down a side trail for a moment. Some professing atheists are "live and let live". That is, "You believe, I don't. Let's go on about our business". Those seem to be fewer as time goes on, but this one realizes that Christmas is a big part of our culture:

The biggest loss that these parents will receive is at the Judgment of Christ. Although they suppress the truth of God's existence in unrighteousness, they know (and their child knows) deep inside that God exists. Hell is getting hotter for them because of hindering their little one. They need to repent. Then they can celebrate the birth of Jesus with a few million of the rest of us. Until then, they can work on Christmas instead of getting a day off and celebrate the virgin birth for the God they hate. Christmas and Hanukkah still happen, whether atheopaths like it or not.

December 23, 2016

Shooting Down Christmas

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

One thing that really burns my prairie schooner is when people attack Christmas. Atheists will pass along false information about Christmas having pagan origins, and legalistic Christians who are in touch with their inner Pharisee join in the condemnation of those of us who choose to celebrate. Their claims are easily refuted, see the links at "What About Christians and Christmas?"

Many of the "reasons" given by people who attack Christmas are based on falsehoods, inaccurate history, traditions, and more. Here is some material to correct some of those misconceptions.
Assembled with elements from Clker clipart
Now, I want to emphasize that some professing Christians choose to celebrate Christmas, and a few do not. They are acting according to their consciences, and I don't want to talk them into celebrating. Those folks  respect our choice to celebrate God the Son taking on human form to redeem fallen humanity, and we let them go on about their business; that's what knowledgeable, Bible-believing Christians are supposed to do, you savvy?

Then we have the other group, which seems to be more strident every year. What shall I call those who hate Christmas and want to bully people into accepting their uninformed opinions? Christmasophobes? Their logic and arguments do not withstand scrutiny. Many of our "facts" are based on erroneous assumptions and traditions, not from history or the proper exegesis of Scripture.

Here's something that I regret was not done a month or two ago. Dr. Albert Mohler has an occasional interview podcast on an intellectual level. It has a title that I think is excellent, "Thinking in Public". I'd like to send you to this extremely informative interview with a historian, author of Christmas in the Crosshairs: Two Thousand Years of Denouncing and Defending the World's Most Celebrated Holiday. This book is now on my want list. I hope you'll want to listen to it. To download it, click on "The Persistence of Christmas: A Conversation with Historian Gerry Bowler". 

December 6, 2014

That "Copies of Pagan Myths" Nonsense

One of the most annoying and tiresome attacks on Christianity is when atheists will say, "You st00pid dumb Xtians are just copying ancient pagan religions!", and then they throw some outright falsehoods that they gleaned off the interwebs. Fact check, please! But no, that requires intellectual honesty.

Wikimedia Commons / Ad Meskens

What if a pagan god showed up at your Christmas service and said that you're really celebrating his birth, and that Jesus is just a copy of pagan myths? Here are two videos. The first is a cartoon that dispenses with the myths. The second is from Ian Juby's "Genesis Week", where he deals with the Horus manure.

Start at the 18 minutes 9 seconds mark to get right to the Horus stuff:

October 22, 2013

Book Review of "The War on Christmas"

This is a modified version of my review from "Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman".

The War on Christmas: Battles in Faith, Tradition and Religious Expression edited by Bodie Hodge #waronchristmas

What's it all about? What's happening, anyway? Christmas has been a part of Western culture for many years, and we did not need to worry about people getting "offended" at the use of the "C word". To be blunt, saying "Happy Holidays" is disingenuous; if there were no Christmas, there would be no "Black Friday" to get retailers back into the black, no gift exchanges, no special family gatherings.

We all know what the holiday is! Now, the cashier where you buy your Christmas gifts can, in many cases, get in trouble for saying "Happy Christmas". Businesses have a "Holiday Party" in December and exchange gifts, but they are forbidden to mention Christmas because someone might be offended! (I am very close to start naming names on this at my own employer!) This political correctness stuff is a way to stifle free speech.

No, the video is not associate with the book. I feel strongly about this and wanted to enhance your online experience with some humor and education. And I think it's an excellent light show and great song.

Why the change? Why is Christmas under attack?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

— John 1.1-5, NASB
Now for the book itself. To get moving on this, I used the PDF and have not yet seen a physical copy. However, the PDF was well-rendered. It has colorful illustrations and photos and the layout is not boring. The War on Christmas is 144 pages in length, divided into 23 chapters (plus introductions and a conclusion). Bodie Hodge is the "General Editor", and makes several contributions himself. This makes it very convenient for people who are doing Christmas preparations and activities, but can still get some interesting reading done.

If you are locked into your religious opinions, traditions and church customs, you may have some problems. It can also be a great source of trivia to be able to say things like, "Actually, the "Three Wise Men" are not named in the Bible, and it does not even indicate how many there were. And they probably did not arrive with the shepherds at the manger..." We learn about the origins of many customs and legends. It may distress some people to learn the truth, but people like me are fascinated by the actual history.

The reason and meaning of Christmas is presented. Misconceptions about it being a "pagan holiday" are put to rest, and we are encouraged to celebrate it. The history of Nicholas (who became Santa Claus) is presented, and we are given recommendations on how to deal with the Santa image. 

On a side note, I did not tell my kids that Santa was real. At least, not the one in popular culture. Why should they find out that their parents lied about this, and then doubt the truth of the reason for Christmas as well? My parents misled me on this, and I "found out" for certain when I was doubting Santa's existence anyway. Fortunately, I did not extend this to doubting the birth of Jesus Christ.

There are some other historical and cultural details in The War on Christmas, including the Virgin Birth, the Christmas star, the X of Xmas and more.

"But Cowboy Bob, what does a Christmas book have to do with creation?"

Glad you asked. The war on Christmas is heating up along with the war on creation and the book of Genesis. This book makes the whole reason for Christmas abundantly clear, going back to Genesis. You see, Genesis is the source of all the major Christian doctrines. What is sin? Go back to Genesis. What was the beginning of covering of sin and animal sacrifice? Go back to Genesis. Why do we need a Redeemer? Go back to Genesis. At Christmas, the Creator of the universe became a man so he could become the sacrifice for our sins.

I am not going to give you all the details of the book and spoil it for you, but I do give it high marks. One negative comment, however. The very last chapter (23) had several plugs for Answers In Genesis and the Creation Museum. While they are very important resources in the battle against the religion of pagan evolutionism, I found those references distracting. Just kind of read around them, the rest of the chapter has good information.

If you have people on your shopping list that like Christmas material, this should be an excellent gift for them. And for yourself, of course.

Disclosure: I was given an advance copy of The War on Christmas: Battles in Faith, Tradition and Religious Expression, edited by Bodie Hodge, for review purposes, plus a T-shirt that I wasn't expecting. There was no requirement for me to write a favorable review. It is available in paperback at Answers In Genesis, New Leaf Publishing, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and others. 

Quotes used on the "Shrute" "meme" are adapted from the book. 

—Cowboy Bob Sorensen

December 25, 2012

For Christmas — A Victory for American Religious Freedom

Although atheism is on the slide, anti-Christian bigotry is increasing and secularists are increasing their efforts to remove our established freedoms.

There are good people to stand up to them. The American Center for Law and Justice had a victory regarding Nativity scenes on public land, which you can read about here.

December 22, 2012

Christmas Video: Brad Stine

Happy holidays!

Yeah, right. Stores wouldn't be having "Black Friday", people wouldn't be getting festive, decorations would not be put up, no special music if it wasn't for Christmas! The secularists and atheopaths want to take it away from us under the pretense of "someone might be offended". Get real. Drop the politically correct nonsense.

Here's an idea, if you want to be consistent: Never call another holiday by name again. Always say, "Happy holidays", whether people are celebrating Arbor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Independence Day, the Queen's Birthday, Foot Fungus Day or whatever you have.

"Boss, are you being sarcastic?"

Oh, Tommy the Knocker joins in! Say hi to Tommy, class! Heh, you should know better than anyone about my sarcasm, Tommy.

Here, let's watch the comedy video that makes some great points:

December 8, 2012

Video by The Atheist Antidote: "Atheists and Christmas"

Perhaps they're just angry that they have to wait until April 1 for their own joyless holiday, so they can't get into ours. Perhaps it's just hate in disguise. They pretend to be standing for something when they seek to remove the civil rights of Christians, what a joke. Atheopaths are not fooling anyone. And they really wonder why people can't stand them?

November 23, 2012

Happy CHRISTmas!

Why are people hung up on saying "Christmas"? American say "Happy Thanksgiving", and people are willing to say, "Happy Valentine's Day", "Happy New Year" and others. Maybe it's like Brad Stine said, that after 2,000 years, Jesus Christ is still intimidating people.
“Have a Happy Holiday,” I said.
I had purposely avoided saying Merry CHRISTmas because I’ve been told that I am somehow shoving my religion down everyone’s throat ever time I say Merry CHRISTmas. And far be it from me to play havoc with the mercurial beliefs of those weak-willed enough to convert based on a simple greeting.
Honestly, I had no idea that such a sentiment could be so powerful. Did YOU know that wishing someone a Merry CHRISTmas would force them to convert to my faith? Did you know that acknowledging the existence of an officially recognized national holiday celebrated by the majority of a democratic nation would officially set up a Christian Theocracy?? Did you know that the mere mention of CHRISTmas would have such an effect?  I am assured it is so.
Read the rest of "What's So Dangerous About... Merry CHRISTmas?" here.

December 17, 2011

An Atheist Christmas Carol

"An Atheist Christmas Carol"
Featuring Richard "Daffy" Dawkins, Lalla Ward, P.Z. Myer, Charles Darwin and (wait for it...)
everyone's hero, Piltdown Superman!
(And the crowd goes wild!)

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December 8, 2011

A Bit of Payback to Atheists

First, a reminder of why atheists are the least-liked and least-respected group. Protest this, protest that, expect the majority to bow to their whims...
One Virginia courthouse is taking the debate over Christmas displays on public property to the next level with a controversial “crucified Santa” set-up.
Julie Grandfield, assistant to the Loudon County Administrator, explained to The Christian Post that the individual responsible for the display went through the system. “Board of Supervisors currently has a policy in place to allow displays on the courthouse lawn,” said Grandfield. “There are only 9 display sites that are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The applicants choose the 3 week period they want to have their display shown.” Grandfield also said that among the displays approved, there would be two nativity scenes that will be put up “later in the month.”
She declined to comment on whether or not the display was tasteful, saying that it “is a matter of subjective opinion.”
Read the rest of "'Crucified Santa' on Display at Va. County Courthouse" here, and continue below for more fun.

Next on the docket, a bit of creative payback. Atheist groups conveniently forget (and frequently try to rewrite) American history, that we were founded on Christian principles. So, having a cross on a water tower is "an endorsement of religion"? Oh, spare me!
Mayor James Bellar was planning to cave to atheists’ demands and have the religious symbol moved to private land. Bellar, who defended its presence, claimed that the town could not afford to pay for an expensive legal battle with Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) — the “freethinking” group seeking its removal. Thus, moving it to a nearby highway seemed like the best possible solution. 
In its new location, Bellar said it would be seen by an even larger audience. But rather than make good on this plan, the mayor decided to voice his protest to the atheists’ demands.
Find out how the mayor made his voice known loud and clear, read about the controversial water tower cross here, and then see the final installment below.

Every once in a while, we hear or read rumors about atheists wanting "In God We Trust" removed as the national motto of the United States. Sometimes, they even try. But that notion was soundly trounced as Congress reaffirmed "In God We Trust" as the national motto by a vote of 396 to 9. Naturally, B. Hussein Obama chose to mock the vote because they did not vote on his political grandstanding.
Approved 396-9, the resolution affirms “In God We Trust” and encourages its display in all public buildings, public schools and other government institutions - even though the motto wasn’t facing any legislative threats and was reaffirmed by the Senate five years ago. 
While opponents of the measure said it was unnecessary, lead sponsor J. Randy Forbes, Virginia Republican, said he was concerned about how the motto was being treated by the courts, legislators and President Obama. 
“I realize there are some who don’t see a difference between what we’re doing from naming a post office or commending some athletic team,” Mr. Forbes said. “But I happen to believe when Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence that our rights came from God, that he didn’t think it was irrelevant or not important.”
Read the rest of "House vote reaffirms ‘In God We Trust’" here.

December 1, 2011

Videos - What Do You Call That Holiday on December 25?

OK, Gang! Two videos, one song.

This puppy is foot stomping, hand waving, crank it up and sing along fun. Play it loud, play it often, send the link to your friends so they can join the party and help stand up for the truth (forget the "politically correct" nonsense)! First, the version with the lyrics:

And now, one of the best house
lightings I've ever seen:

February 14, 2011

Valentine Tree

Buon giorno. It's Valentine's Day, and I bet you guys wish you were me! But never mind about that now.

You know that I've gone on about how Christmas trees are being called "holiday trees" by the touchie-feelie politically correct crowd, even though it's not fooling anybody; we all know what those trees really are, and what they're for.

When I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio a few years ago, he was making "holiday tree" remarks that I thought were just great. Essentially, it ran like this: "We have our holiday tree. We keep it up all year. On President's Day, we hang dollar bills on it, and we decorate it for...", and he kept going with a few other humorous quips. I'm kind of tempted to do that myself, really do a "holiday tree" all year.

The other day, I strolled into a local eatery for a breakfast supplement. I was astonished to see this:
That's right! One lady who works there was doing a real "holiday tree". As you can see, it's decorated for Valentine's Day. She gave me permission to take a picture so I can share it with the world. This tree will remain a "holiday tree" and become decorated for other holidays as well.

I think it's hilarious.

"What's your point, Cowboy Bob?"


December 21, 2010

Hurting at Christmas

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? 
And none of them doth light on the ground, without your father... 
Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.
— Matthew 10.29, 31 Tyndale/Coverdale Bible (Modern Spelling)

This should prove to be one of the more unusual approaches to a "Christmas article" that you have read, I'll wager. It will have some pretty raw honesty, and I earnestly hope you'll stay with me.

There have been several teachings I have come across lately that remind us not to forget that the reason for the humble birth in the manger of Bethlehem was the cross at Calvary. I would like to go further and remind us of the glorious end of it all.

The attached video by Petra as excellent lyrics (reproduced below the video). Written while the fear of global nuclear war was still strong, it is emphasizing a point that is as relevant now as it was then: God is in control. He has plans (Revelation 21.1-8), and humans are not going to thwart them. He is the Creator of the universe, you know.

And the Creator of the universe bothered to redeem fallen mankind. Why should he even notice? Psalm 8.4, 103.14. I have heard people say that some things are too small to warrant God's attention, don't even ask. Well, in that vein, even our "big stuff" is nothing to him. But he chooses to care about us!

That's right, our Creator cares about us. He is a holy and righteous God who will punish sin (Revelation 21.8), yet has mercy on fallen, sinful humanity (John 1.12-13, 3.16). God became a man (John 1.14), died on the cross for our sins, rose the third day (1 Cor. 15.3-4, Galatians 2.6) and has big plans for the future of humanity.

Jesus defeated death (1 Cor 15.55-56), and that victory began in the manger in Bethlehem (Micah 5.2). We tend to forget, but we're indirectly acknowledging it every Christmas.

Listen, I have had plenty of sorrows the past couple of years. They have been my own as well as sorrows shared with people I care about. For those of us who have had tragedies, we need to remember that we are celebrating the birth of God in the flesh who defeated death. As I said, he has big plans for the world, but he has plans for you...and me. He loves us (Galatians 2.20), and is with his people every step of the way (Heb. 13.5-6).

Listen to the song. No, it's not "Gospel Music". It's Christian music, and this band has ministered to me many times over the years. They even played a part in my return to Christ.

"He's still got you and me in his hands..."

Words and music by Bob Hartman, from Petra's album "Back to the Street", 1986
Based on Hebrews 1:3, Matthew 20:29, 6:34

Hearts are failing left and right, children fear this planet's plight
Fatalistic fears abound and take their toll without a sound
But through the vague uncertainty - comes a bold assurity
This world is under sovereignty - divinely ordered destiny
He holds this world together with the Word of His power
Safe within His hands - 'till its own appointed hour

He's still got the whole world in His hands - tonight
And only He knows where the sparrow lands - tonight
And nothing in this world can stop His plans - tonight
'Cause He's still got the whole world in His hands
In His hands tonight

Humanistic lies lament the holocaust is imminent
Doomsday prophets in the news predicting who will light the fuse
The fate of His creation isn't subject to a man
The final consummation is according to His plan

He's still got you - He's still got me in His hands tonight

December 21, 2008

A Time of Loss

Not much thunder from Stormbringer today.

Isn't it strange how sad events happen around Christmas? One friend told me that his brother-in-law's wife died last week, and that the brother-in-law has had a series of difficulties recently. Another friend knows someone who has suicidal tendencies. A third friend lost his father on Christmas Eve. I can name other disasters that happened around the week or two before Christmas. Yes, they happen all year round. But it's certainly more difficult at this time of year.

Today is December 21, 2008. About an hour and a half ago, my oldest brother died. He was 64.

Jack ("Jackie" to many family and friends) was born with Down Syndrome. He could not talk, but was able to do basic functions for himself. He was content to watch television or listen to his phonograph records. Jack was not able to stay at home for most of his adult life, and was in various state institutions and eventually into foster care. For the last few years of his life, he was in an adult home.

Later in life, he had health problems that developed. At the end, he had to use a walker to get around, and an oxygen tank was a frequent companion. Various infections occurred, and the last one is what did him in.

He was stubborn. The doctors were simply guessing, and I believe that it tormented our parents when they said he would not live very long. "He won't live to puberty"..."He won't live to..." Ha! He fooled them all. In fact, we understood on the 19th that he would not last the day. Stubborn Jack held off until the 21st.

There have been people praying for our family at this time, and we all have appreciated it. My next oldest brother and his wife were the main facilitators of his care. They did a great job, and I was especially glad of what they had to do, and deal with, while I was 750 miles away.

I have to admit that I had trouble in my younger years understanding and dealing with his condition. That, and the fact that we were apart most of the time added up so that we were never close. But he was still my brother. Hey, I've admitted my faults and failings on here before, yes?

One memory that keeps coming back is that my mother (who passed away a few years ago) said, "Just think, in Heaven, Jackie will be perfect." That was something for me to look forward to then as well as now.

I wouldn't be on my game if I did not add one moment of anger. This is directed to the arrogant atheists that seek to take away the faith of those of us who believe in God. What do you have to offer? Are you going to attempt to take away the comfort that my brother is now perfect, at peace, entirely whole in Heaven? That he will be with our mother? Or that our father, who does not know anyone (or who he is himself) will join them in a grand, happy reunion one day? Or the rest of us, at that? I have some people to look up myself...

I'm going to be more blunt here: This is part of what Christmas is all about. The real meaning. Jesus came to live among men, to die, to be bodily resurrected. At this time of loss, we have the hope that he gives us. Capice?

Addendum 12-22-2008:
Here is an excerpt from a letter from my sister-in-law. As I said, my father does not know anyone anymore, and does not even know who he is.
We stopped in to see Dad today. He did not seem to understand. I stopped in on one of his neighbors. Doris told me that last night after dinner, "John started scratching back & forth in his chair as he normally does; then all of a sudden he let out a very loud howl." Doris said he sounded like an angry bear. This would have been out the time of Jackie's passing. Just thought you would want to know.
Perhaps my father did know after all...
(Edit: My father died less than two months later.)

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