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Bill Nye, Liar for Darwin

Bill "I Play A Scientist On TV" Nye used to be moderately interesting when he did his "Science Guy" children's television show and worked on experimental science. Now he has become a poster boy for anti-creationists. I am unimpressed with his antics because not only should he know better than to spew angry falsehoods, but he is simply a celebrity version of the furious atheists that pa-TROLL the media and Internet. Some of us stand up to these bullying tactics and refuse to be intimidated. Although Nye is not guilty of every childish antic that I have had the misfortune of encountering, he does use several of these juvenile tricks: Demonizing.  I still cannot figure out what atheopaths have to gain by   attacking the person instead of dealing with the topic at hand. (Norman the Paranoid Troll lives for this, but cannot back up his assertions — typical of that ilk.) The ad hominem  fallacy is often the first line of attack for Darwin's Cheerleaders