September 22, 2013

Bill Nye, Liar for Darwin

Bill "I Play A Scientist On TV" Nye used to be moderately interesting when he did his "Science Guy" children's television show and worked on experimental science. Now he has become a poster boy for anti-creationists. I am unimpressed with his antics because not only should he know better than to spew angry falsehoods, but he is simply a celebrity version of the furious atheists that pa-TROLL the media and Internet. Some of us stand up to these bullying tactics and refuse to be intimidated.

Although Nye is not guilty of every childish antic that I have had the misfortune of encountering, he does use several of these juvenile tricks:
  • Demonizing. I still cannot figure out what atheopaths have to gain by attacking the person instead of dealing with the topic at hand. (Norman the Paranoid Troll lives for this, but cannot back up his assertions — typical of that ilk.) The ad hominem fallacy is often the first line of attack for Darwin's Cheerleaders and militant atheists.
  • Prejudicial Conjecture. Asserting uninformed opinions as fact, often being humiliated when proved wrong. They deny that they're wrong, though, and humiliate themselves further. I can't count the times someone has made an absurd comment after reading the title or first few lines of an article. Is it because s/he is afraid of facing the unpleasant truths of the article or its supporting links?
  • Straw Man. Putting words in someone's mouth or attempting to make people defend a position that they do not hold. Sure, tear that bad boy down! But the real object of your rage, the one you did not address, is over there, Poindexter. It is both tragic and hilarious when atheists become self-appointed experts in theology and say, f'rinstance, "Ken Ham is lying about Genesis!" Uh, yeah. And you are the one to catch it, but none of the tens of thousands of readers (many are far more qualified than you are) were able to see this. Nice going. Give me your name, mailing address and credit card number so I can send you a nice box of chocolates.
  • Generalization. Like Haywire and his clown car of hate at the BCSE forums, they make assertions that are insulting to thinking people, such as, "Creationists are not scientists, and they are liars". First, back it up. Second...oh, please. How dumb do you think people are?
  • Lack of information. People will make assumptions and draw conclusions that are often done in haste or hate. If they had done their homework, they may have kept their traps shut and saved themselves some humiliation.
  • Philosophical bias. Many people do not think it through, but science has a philosophical basis. Saying that "evolution is science" is false. Origins science is historical in nature. In the discussions on origins we all argue from our worldviews. Atheists and evolutionists do not admit this (or even know it, sometimes), but they are hardcore presuppositionalists themselves.
  • Combinations of fallacies. People who are afraid of the truth or motivated by hate (or both) often use several fallacies in the same rant. For example, claiming that "all young Earth creationists are liars" (yes, I've seen it done) because they present evidence refuting evolution based on science, theology or both shows an amazing lack of intellectual depth. It is demonizing the creationists, using philosophical bias (that evolution is true, there is no God, or whatever), simplistic ad hominem, generalizing, creating a straw man and more.

Sure is a lot of work to cling to their pride and deny the truth of the gospel.

Bill Nye and Bill Maher act like they are clever, but in reality, they are not only embarrassing themselves. Thinking people should be insulted by their foolishness. Too bad evolutionists are unwilling to show respect and allow other people to have differing views. Worse, their "protection" of evolution stifles the development of science.

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