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Atheism and Fallacies

One of my favorite topics is logical fallacies. Many atheists and evolutionists love to attack Christians and creationists, claiming that they believe in "reason". They demonstrate that they do not understand even rudimentary logic, and it turns out that Christians use logic better than their attackers! And why not? The laws of logic come from God . Since the atheistic worldview is fundamentally flawed, irrational and self-refuting , when an atheist and/or evolutionist uses logic, he or she is tacitly admitting that his or her worldview does not work, and has to borrow from the biblical creationist's worldview! Plato and Aristotle doing philosophy and logic stuff. Even when we show atheists that they are being illogical, it must be in the Atheist Code© to never admit that a Christian is correct over something of consequence. Instead, they increase their attacks. Many times, in very sneaky ways. The atheist worldview is one that revolves around denial of the sel