May 27, 2009

Bandwagon Convictions

Buon giorno. I was having a discussion with a co-worker from a sister agency, and that discussion sparked some thoughts that simply cascaded in my mind. And now, you're about to reap the benefits of that process. Consider yourselves fortunate.

I believe that personal opinions can be "seasonal". They are not real because they only last for a season, and are not true convictions based on thought, experience and the heart. The easiest example of this was the disastrous attitude of, "Let's vote for the half black guy! Yeah! He's different! And the old white guy is more of the same. CNN and the New York Times told me so." That was simply jumping on the popular bandwagon, and I did not find many people who could find any actual substance in B. Hussein Obama.

On a slightly aside note, I think one reason that I've been doing the cowboy thing is that those values (integrity, honesty, faith, standing for something in the first place, etc.) have always been inside me. Now I'm bringing enthusiasm for cowboy values to the forefront because my interest in, and fondness for, those things has grown.

Another seasonal bandwagon conviction is atheism. The popularity of it rises and falls over the years, and it seems to stem from rebellion instead of an honest conviction. After all, if it was an honest intellectual choice, you would not have the venomous arrogant atheists that seek to destroy the faith of those who believe in a higher power. Of course, it doesn't help that colleges are hotbeds of atheism and liberalism. Kids are not being taught how to think (that is, with logic and problem-solving skills). Instead, they're being taught what to think.

I have stated that Liberalism is a position based on lack of morality, and that liberal theology, atheism and so forth gravitate towards Liberalism. Conservatives tend to believe in God and attend church. (Or, at least they believe what their churches stand for.) But the vehemence and violence between the two positions is almost always directed from Liberals toward Conservatives. That is, the vitriol and actual physical violence almost always flows one way. As far as I'm concerned, it's a symptom of the Liberal belief system. And that belief system does not have a solid foundation that brings confidence, comfort, consistency, sanity and joy to its adherents.

And now, Leftists are lecturing us about morality. Huh? They have no basis for it, and everything is situational or relative for them. They want to appear moral to the rest of us (and they act like they are somehow "better" than us). I suspect it's to deceive the more conservative people in the population. Once deceived, they can have more power in future elections.

One way that you can spot these "convictions" of passing fancy are the rabid enthusiasm of the people that proclaim them. They get rambunctious and unwilling to show consideration to an opposing viewpoint, so it's best to simply let them blow off steam. If they still believe what they're saying or doing later (and sometimes, it may take a couple of years), then you may want to think that they're honest.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with enthusiasm. It's just that it is often uninformed and poorly thought out.

In the meantime, know what and why you believe and keep strong in your own faith. Don't be deceived, capice?

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