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It All Adds Up: Many Atheists are Nuts

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Good day to publish this. Not only is it Friday the 13th, but also a full moon. At the end of 2010, I had the audacity to even dare to ask if atheism causes brain damage . Apparently, it is one of the ultimate crimes to question anything about the intelligence, morality or sanity of The Mighty Atheist™ because I received a number of attacks, misrepresentation and outright lies . (A guy can't even ask?) Later, atheists were incensed and went into full denial mode when I later pointed out that there is a definite link between atheism and autism . They do tend to become furious and attack like piranhas at any perceived slight, or if someone criticizes one of their religious icons, such as Clinton Richard Dawkins: For that matter, priests of atheism and evolutionism like Bill Nye and Neil de Grasse Tyson will tell blatant untruths and then their fanboys will gleefully spread them around.  Observing their behavior (especially online, where th