September 9, 2016

My Brother the Mother

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

My brother the mother...sounds like a bad television show like My Mother the Car. Unlike one of the worst television shows of all time, a bearded self-identifying "man" giving birth is not fantasy fiction, and is unlikely to last for just a short spell. 

How can a bearded man give birth? When he's a woman pretending to be a man. "Gender fluidity" is science denial as well as rebellion against what God has established.
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A woman gives birth, should be the end of the matter. Taking hormone injections, identifying as a man, selfishly wanting to do the birthing experience, having a female "partner", artificial insemination — this gender fluidity and free-for-all sexual perversion is sinful as well as mental illness, and people like this are the real science deniers. That child is going to be very, very, messed up. For more about this, listen to or read the transcript from Albert Mohler, "My brother the mom? Time preaches the moral revolution".

I identify myself as a cowboy. So what if I couldn't lasso a calf to save my life? I declare it, it's my right, respect my assertion. I have a hat and use the lingo. Anyone willing to take up my cause? That'll be the day! Such a thing doesn't make sense.

The homosexual lobby began pressuring society (and especially Bible-believing Christians) to accept their unnatural lifestyles, and people began caving in to the small minority. They petitioned for the right to "marry", which is a fundamental redefinition of what God has defined as marriage: one man, one woman. But I reckon courts have powers that supersede God. Many felt, "Okay, they have the right to 'marry', that'll be the end of it". Not hardly! Look at the weird news where all kinds of alleged marriages and relationships exist, including the mother who married her daughter, and the mother had married her son earlier.

Are we living in a sane society? Not by a long shot. I believe that what we are seeing is an example of Romans 1:18-32. When people rebel against God, he eventually says, in effect, "Have it your way, I'm removing my restraint". Look closely at Romans 1:28, it says, "God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper". I fully believe that the United States as well as much of Western society is under God's judgement. God's ways are being perverted, and those of us who uphold the truth of the Word are considered the bad guys. Strong foundations are more important than ever.

We need to repent of our individual and societal sins and seek God's mercy.

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