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My Brother the Mother

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen My brother the mother...sounds like a bad television show like My Mother the Car .  Unlike one of the worst television shows of all time, a bearded self-identifying "man" giving birth  is not fantasy fiction, and is unlikely to last for just a short spell.  Images from Clker clipart A woman gives birth, should be the end of the matter. Taking hormone injections, identifying as a man, selfishly wanting to do the birthing experience, having a female "partner", artificial insemination — this gender fluidity and free-for-all sexual perversion is sinful as well as mental illness, and  people like this are the real science deniers . That child is going to be very, very, messed up. For more about this, listen to or read the transcript from Albert Mohler, " My brother the mom? Time preaches the moral revolution ". I identify myself as a cowboy . So what if I couldn't lasso a calf to save my life? I declare it, it's my r