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Browsers, Privacy, and Research Part 2

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Most recent edit: 11-16-2021 In Part 1, I gave a brief overview of things that are happening in the wild world of browsers. After I commenced my research, I learned that there is a prairie schooner-full of possibilities including several I know nothing about , so most of this discussion is based on personal experience. Remember,  I am using a Windows 10 desktop. Credit: Freeimages / Armin Hanisch In this day and age, we need to be secure from spying, hacking, and tracking. Something else that bears repeating is that most Windows browsers will get you where you want to go — right out of the box. Which browser is the "best"? Looking at reviews, there is conflicting information. Many times, reviewers use benchmarks (of which there are many, and some view them with mistrust), which should explain why reports on which is fastest are inconsistent. I have also seen conflicting information regarding privacy settings. A brief comment on browser speed is in ord