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Cryptozoology and Arguing from Silence

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen This article was inspired while I was writing an introduction to a post about wolverines . At first, it was going to be a part of the introduction, but it needed its own place. It is expanded from that intended introduction. Wolverines are known to mostly live in the far north, but a few live further south.  Captain Meriwether Lewis saw on in 1806 and referred to it as a "tyger cat," as it was unknown to white folks. Indeed, when the first specimen of a platypus was sent from 'Straya to England, the recipients thought it was a prank. Public domain image from the National Park Service, modified at FotoSketcher I am  doing a backward approach to cryptozoology , which is a search for animals that are hidden or extinct. I spent my first forty years in Michigan, which is called the Wolverine State even though it apparently never had a large number of them. Did they ever exist there? All we have are eyewitness accounts and the fact that there are others