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The Butcher

Does anyone have the nerve to rock out, really rock out? Then turn it up! The previously embedded "video" had crummy sound quality. Here is better sound (there is no official video). Lyrics are below. This man came to me he was looking for action Pulling a blade to my neck He said, “Call me the butcher cause that's my trade And you know that I’ve come to collect.” I said "Hit me now And we’ll see where it leads Cut me out if you think I will bleed Strike me down If you think you’re a man Cause I know that you don't understand" Because there is no weapon There is no blade You wonder why I’m not afraid? There is no weapon There is no blade You’ll never kill Him that lives inside of me. He looked into my eyes, all he saw was conviction Dropping the blade to the earth I said, “How could you think that I’d ever retreat? You know that I’m already dead.” I said "Hit me now and we’ll see where it leads Cut me out if you think I wi

Putting Your Faith in Politics

Buona sera. Yesterday, I told you that I had one or two more political articles in me. Looks like this is the last one for a while. I'm going to try to cover two points here, so try to keep up, OK? I've taken some heat from people for saying that Christians need to be involved in the political process. (For that matter, in American, anyone can be involved in the political process. I just happen to be a Bible-believing Christian.) The foundations of America are based on Christian principles . To those people who say that Christians should be more occupied with leading lost souls to Christ and ignoring the political process, I say, rubbish! Were our founders apostates, or misguided, or foolish because they put their Christian principles into action to form and govern this nation? It was their work that gave you the freedoms that you have right now to practice your religion, and now you want to stay out of it? Christians are called to be the light of the world, the sal

I'll Become an Atheist, IF.....

Buona sera. I've been stuffing little bags with candies and gospel tracts to give to the little bandits at the door tonight. So, I'll redirect you to someone else's work: QueenQueequeg: I'll Become an Atheist, IF..... : "I am willing to lay down my faith in the Bible and in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, God in the Flesh- IF you can PROVE to me that there is a..."