October 31, 2010

I'll Become an Atheist, IF.....

Buona sera. I've been stuffing little bags with candies and gospel tracts to give to the little bandits at the door tonight. So, I'll redirect you to someone else's work:

QueenQueequeg: I'll Become an Atheist, IF.....: "I am willing to lay down my faith in the Bible and in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, God in the Flesh- IF you can PROVE to me that there is a..."


Silly Goose said...

Thanks so much for the link/plug!

Feel free to come back and post on this discussion all you like!
Love your zingers on here!

Bob Sorensen said...

Hello, uh, "Goose". (What do I call you, anyway?) I liked your article and wanted to share it. You've been trolled by some that work under various names, they've hit me, too. Whateverman can be reasonable when he wants to, however, and we've had a couple of decent discussions (they troll me, I hit them back until I get bored and delete them). Paulie is smug and arrogant, and wants to show how much smarter he is than us lil' ol' xtians.

Anyway, hope you stop by again. This particular Weblog has all sorts of things in it, not confined to "religious" topics.

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