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July 2, 2011

Obnoxious Atheism Strikes Again

Buon giorno. Atheists are all in favor of free speech — as long as it is done to intimidate, harass, ridicule or just plain inconvenience those of us who believe in a Creator. I wonder if this applies to other laws as well.

In this case, their "free speech" included putting this mocking billboard on church property: "The Clear Channel Outdoor billboard was placed on the grounds of Christ Cathedral Church and immediately drew the ire of the church’s pastor. The Rev. Waymon Malone successfully had the sign removed just days after it was displayed." It took "just days"? Strange, it should not have taken even that long.

The last I knew, nobody has the right to put up signs on the property of another person without knowledge and permission of the property holder. Duh. The professionals in charge claim that the trespassing was done by accident. Huh, some professionals they are.

And yet:
Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the FFRF, claims that the group had no idea that the billboard would be positioned on church property. But, she wasted no time in showcasing her distaste for the pastor’s removal demand, claiming:
“The action of this censorious church shows exactly why our campaign, intended to encourage social acceptance of nonbelievers, is so important. Do its deacons truly believe one can’t be good without God?”

Even when they are clearly in the wrong, they attack! No, Cupcake, the church is not "censorious" (that word does not mean what you think it means) because they do not allow you to intrude on their property with an antagonistic message.

It would be nice if this type of atheist could show respect to other people's rights and beliefs. Or could even think beyond the bounds of their own hate. But I'm kidding myself, capice? 1 Cor. 1.18, 25; John 8.44.

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