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Changing Lives

Listen up. I know full well that there are people who claim to be Christians, but they live like the devil. (I have serious doubts that they ever were Christians, 1 John 2.19, Matthew 7.20-21.) For that matter, one reason that I went away from my faith for several years was because of false or nominal Christians, but never mind about that now. Like any group, there are members that do not uphold the beliefs and principles of that group. Especially if it's a large one. Seems to me that it has something to do with a simple problem, that of being human. I'm saying this at the outset because there are people who will look for any excuse to negate Christianity, Christians, the Bible and God himself. You know the type: "I knew a guy that went to church and said he was a Christian, and he was caught stealing money". So? That means he had problems, not that God is fake. The exception does not invalidate the whole, and the exception does not become the rule. I think I'v

Further Lessons in Logic

Buona sera. Decisions, decisions. Take the day off from this Weblog and work on another one that's overdue, post something very important, do something silly here — nah. I'll continue in a similar vein from yesterday's lessons in logic. Why can't people learn to think? But first, I'll mention that the atheists in both of yesterday's examples refuse to admit error. That happens frequently, probably because they hate Christians so much, we cannot be allowed to be right, and God forbid (heh!), they cannot be wrong. (Just ask Norman. I'm wrong or lying, and he's right. Just ask him.) It's against the atheist code for an Xtian to be right, you betcha. And now for something somewhat different . (Are these bits with the "highlighter" setting doing anything for you?) I'll bet that atheists are glad that they get few, if any, of the sentimental religious stuff in their e-mail. I get quite a bit, and delete most of it (you'll see why

Evolution (of Lies) In Action

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. —Romans 1.22 Twitter "Tweets" are public. Twitter said so. This will have two examples. First, I was in an altercation with some vicious trolls on Twitter on Christmas the day after Christmas (and I seldom use Twitter these days, as I have said before ). Mixed in with those were some who wanted to have a detailed intellectual discussion (a bad idea on Twitter, which is designed to limit you to 140 characters). One made the outlandish statement that "animals are born atheists". Anyone who is capable of rational thought and is not brainwashed by propaganda can easily see the absurdity of that remark. And, it seems, so can the OP , because his comment appears to have been deleted. But I can show you my response to his remark:   That's right, Buttercup, I called you on it. You made a statement that is nothing but faith — no, it is nothing but wishful thinking for your posi