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Bill Nye's Pro-Abortion Anti-Science

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Bill Nye, the tiresome leftist guy, seems to be the go-to spokesman for anything pseudo-science. "Science Guy?" He has a BS in mechanical engineering (the consensus is that engineers are not scientists) and worked as a mechanical engineer for Boeing, was rejected by NASA, got his "science guy" start in the " Almost Live " comedy show, went on to do a science show for kids (mainly run on the liberal PBS-TV), and so on. Is Bill Nye pondering how NASA could succeed without him? Image credit : NASA/GSFC/Bill Hrybyk By my cognating, he was just another unimportant celebrity that wandered away from the corral. But since it's cool for leftists to mock Christians (and especially creationists), Nye got attention by attacking biblical creationists in a video. Answers in Genesis responded with two reply videos, and when the attacks on AiG escalated, they issued a public challenge for Nye to debate one of their PhD scientists . The