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People Died in Kentucky, so Biden Lied

We have seen how mainstream science is catering to leftist agendas (see " More Leftist Malarkey in the Secular Science Industry "), and although attention to anthropogenic (manmade) global warming had faded for a spell, secularists are polishing up that meadow muffin with the help of secular science. It is not in the least surprising that Joe "Quockerwodger" Biden used tendentious leftist pronouncements about climate change to politicize the December 10-11 tornado in Kentucky and Tennessee . NASA Earth Observatory images by Joshua Stevens I received an email from someone who makes crusading for climate change his reason for being, and he echoed leftist propaganda (then I deleted the rant). Climate alarmists do not believe God is in control (most do not seem to think that he even exists), and their fundamentally flawed worldview is based on molecules-to-meteorologist evolution and deep time . Both aspects of secularism use similar approaches to bad science . Since Bi