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James Watson gets the Cold Springs Shoulder

Credit: RGBStock/ Tomislav Alajbeg by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Because this is a caustic subject, please read carefully so you do not misunderstand the points I am making. Does Dr. James Watson wonder why the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory took away his titles? It's elementary, Watson: racist views are not cool any longer. Statues of Confederate army leaders are being torn down because the South wanted to keep slaves; other racists are in trouble (except for Democrats in good standing, like Sen. Robert Byrd and others). If you say something that even hints at racism, you can be in a heap of trouble. Ken Ham pointed out that if these people who are upset about racism were consistent, they would disassociate themselves from Charles Darwin, who had blatantly racist views . The Bible tells us the opposite, that there are no "races" , only ethnic people groups. That's right, "race" is not a biblical position. Although racism has been with us almost from the