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Nancy Pelosi Fans Flames of Science vs Faith

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Nancy Pelosi, leftist Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives, has made it clear many times that she is dishonest and incompetent. In her latest fatuous remarks foolishness, she attempts to demonize people of faith for allegedly 'not believing in science". Made at PhotoFunia In an article on Piltdown Superman, I wrote about how atheists and other anti-creationists dehumanize their targets . Indeed, this sort of thing only escalates. (Just think of Germany in the years around 1939 where Jews were dehumanized.) In an earlier article on this weblog, I wrote that leftists are demonizing supporters of President Trump, and they want to punish us — some are even recommending reeducation camps. Let's saddle up and ride to higher ground to get a bigger picture. One major instance where Nanny Pelosi demonstrated her lust for power and prestige was promoting the Obamacare bill. But what was in it? She said that we have to pass the bill to find out wha