December 23, 2020

Nancy Pelosi Fans Flames of Science vs Faith

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Nancy Pelosi, leftist Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives, has made it clear many times that she is dishonest and incompetent. In her latest fatuous remarks foolishness, she attempts to demonize people of faith for allegedly 'not believing in science".

Nancy Pelosi claimed the stimulus bill was delayed because people of faith do not believe in science. Clearly another lie to dehumanize Christians.
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In an article on Piltdown Superman, I wrote about how atheists and other anti-creationists dehumanize their targets. Indeed, this sort of thing only escalates. (Just think of Germany in the years around 1939 where Jews were dehumanized.) In an earlier article on this weblog, I wrote that leftists are demonizing supporters of President Trump, and they want to punish us — some are even recommending reeducation camps.

Let's saddle up and ride to higher ground to get a bigger picture.

One major instance where Nanny Pelosi demonstrated her lust for power and prestige was promoting the Obamacare bill. But what was in it? She said that we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. Great idea. In fact, that's how I buy houses. I just plunk down the money and find out later if my million dollar investment has been worthwhile.

Pelosi is supposedly a Roman Catholic. Since people don't trust atheists (for many good reasons), claiming to be Catholic is safe enough for many people — especially if you don't practice some of the core values, such as the sanctity of life. No, she is definitely not a Catholic in good standing. It is a religion for convenience and posturing.

She said that people didn't follow the science regarding the Wuhan virus. Anyone with a grain of sense and access to a non-censorious search engine can learn that science was at the forefront. (In my opinion, Trump trusted the wrong people too much; he had dyed-in-the-wool Democrats involved. We know how they've obstructed him even before his inauguration.) Nanny also said people have said that they have faith, so they don't believe in science.

Care to back up that claim? Maybe it was the friend of an anonymous source who spoke under conditions of anonymity who had been drinking Quaalude-laced punch. Ironically, while dehumanizing "people of faith", she said that "science is an answer to our prayers" because we can do both faith and science. Two standards, no waiting.

Listen, witch, we know that your flying monkeys believe anything you tell them. There is no conflict between actual science and faith. (Between the pseudoscience of evolutionism and the Christian faith, yes, definitely.) Sheeple will believe her, of course, and that will fan the flames against not only Conservatives, but those of us who believe the Bible. 

What a liar. By the way, Nanny, I can show you many names of people who believe the Bible and are enthusiastic about science. It's really too bad that people who want free stuff and like to be told what they want to hear keep putting this wicked creature in power.


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