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Genetic Tampering, Ethics, and Evolution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen This is an important topic for any day, but even more so for Question Evolution Day . Western civilization has strong Christian roots which have, in turn, effected ethics. That is mighty helpful, since modern science was mostly founded because of the biblical worldview . Unfortunately, with postmodernism, Darwinism, and materialism galloping wild and free, ethical and moral concerns in science are fading into the background. One example is of scientists who want to keep human embryos alive even longer before killing them . Other countries do not have such ethical constraints from the get-go. China has been working on the CRISPR genome editing tool, and are "unfettered by rules". While we have ethical concerns , the ChiComs are materialists and force atheism on their people, so we know where their "morality" will lead.  In addition, China is moving forward with cloning, announcing that they have successfully cloned two monkeys. The co