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Logical Thinking and the Lack Thereof

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  This article will be linked in another about how misotheists and evolutionists try to put Christians and creationists on the defensive, but is a stand-alone example of how logical thinking is useful in daily life. Really. It's not just for apologetics, science, and academia. While social media is a hotbed of irrationality, I challenged someone to see what would happen. It paid off. San Francisco at night image credit: Unsplash / Trevor Wilson The HBO documentary Allen v Farrow  was trending on Twitter. (I don't have or want HBO.) While I liked a few of Woody Allen's movies and a couple of his books long ago, I really have no interest in the subject. Justice may be done and the truth may come out now, but there is no doubt that when he stands before the Creator in judgment, there will be righteous judgment with no appeal. I noticed a comment by Paul Haynes . (I learned later that he is a co-producer of another HBO documentary that I did not watch call