November 3, 2011

Strange Searches - Just Plain Weird

Another search term used to (inexplicably) bring a reader to my Weblog.

No thanks, I am really not interested:

November 2, 2011

Homosexuality, Christians and Sharia

Buona sera. Bible-believing Christians (as opposed to "liberal" make-your-own-god theology that gives a vague nod to Jesus, but backs away from actual Bible teaching if it goes against their opinions, Exodus 20.3) know that homosexuality goes against God's grain (1 Cor. 6.9, Rom. 1.26-28). Sorry, but that's what God says, I don't make the rules. Homosexuality is becoming more acceptable, probably because it is becoming more and more politically correct, despite the fact that most Americans believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Yet, the Gaystapo is gaining momentum and is becoming increasingly aggressive (I pointed out some examples here and also here, where a man cannot even voice his personal opinion on the subject).

Because we believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that homosexuality is a sinful act, not a natural condition, we are called "homophobes" (a nonsense word) and "haters". No, we don't want to see someone become so wrapped up in sexual activities (or consumed by any sin for that matter), that they resent God and end up in Hell for eternity. What sin of any kind is worth a few years of earthly pleasure in contrast to eternity?

It's ironic that we're called "haters", but the Gaystapo will use violence and intimidation based in hate to get their own way.

Even though we hold to traditional values and want to see people turn from their sins to the forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ, we're hated. Well, that's what Satan does to people (2 Cor. 4.4); they think they are free and making their own choices, but that is not so.

I tried to ask this guy (above) how he thinks he would feel under Sharia law, and he made some lame, unmemorable comment. He should learn that America was founded by Christians, and realize that homosexuals have plenty of rights here. 

Let's do a little investigation.
Well, you can do your own work from here. Islam is gaining ground and more acceptance in the West, and many people are thinking that it can become dangerous for freedom-loving people. But homosexuals are more concerned with hating Christians. Go figure.

October 31, 2011

Video - Basement Cat for Halloween

Buon giorno. Although I've been making some videos, I still feel strange calling them "videos". They are modified slide shows, sometimes with scrolling text. Still, it's technically a video... Oh, well.

October 30, 2011

Still More Changed Lives

One of the strongest evidences that Christianity is true, that God is real and that Jesus is indeed alive is the fact that God changes lives. He changes the hardest of hearts, and he knows what it's like to hurt. God does not care about your religion, your "spirituality", your intellect, your preconceptions, your opinions or anything else. If you put aside your pride and come to him on his terms, you can be forgiven and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here are three stories of hard-hearted atheists that came back to Christ.
Psychology professor Rich Suplita used to sit in the University of Georgia's Tate Plaza holding a handmade sign that read "Ask an atheist" any time a preacher came to campus to share the gospel. As the faculty sponsor of the school's atheist club, he was adept at explaining how to tackle the issues of life without God.
"Essentially what I was trying to do was offer an atheistic apologetic of how you can explain whatever happens to be true through the lens of atheism, and I think I was pretty good at that," Suplita said during a recent interview. 

He was so good, he almost convinced himself. But after six years denying God's existence, Suplita had a dramatic change of heart. When he visits Tate Plaza now, he's the one sharing the gospel.
Read the rest of "Ask a (Former) Atheist" here. And then...

Former atheist A.N. Wilson:
Excerpt where he describes his conversion to atheism:
…I realised that after a lifetime of churchgoing, the whole house of cards had collapsed for me – the sense of God’s presence in life, and the notion that there was any kind of God, let alone a merciful God, in this brutal, nasty world.
Yeah, that’s why I would never send my kids to church until they begged and pleaded to go, and knew why they were doing it. The problem of evil and suffering that he mentions is a solid argument against God, one well worth responding too, that I answer fully here.
But another cause of his atheism was peer pressure – the desire to want to be thought of as smarter than others, the desire to not be bound by morality, the desire for autonomy from the hard task of seeking after the Lord in study and service. (More on this below)
You can read the rest of "Ex-atheist A. N. Wilson’s reasons for returning to Christianity" here. And then finally...

Lacey (Mosley) Sturm, the lead singer of hard rock band "Flyleaf" was a suicidal atheist. Here is her story in text, and below is a video:

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