October 15, 2016

Nobel Pieces Prizes

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite, put in his will that a portion of his estate money be set aside and awarded for five recipients each year who have "benefited mankind". The five prizes are literature, physiology or medicine, chemistry, and peace. (A sixth prize for economics was established in 1968.) Although most of this activity is in Sweden, for some reason, Alfie wanted the peace prize committee to be in Norway.

The Nobel Prizes for peace and science are becoming increasingly leftists and irrelevant. Should they be scrapped?
Derivative from Nobel Prize image, public domain in the United States
The prize for peace has come under criticism because it shows a leftist bias, including the award to B. Hussein Obama, who had done nothing to earn the prize except show up for work at the American presidency. (Years later, there is regret over giving Obama the undeserved award.) In 2016, Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos was given the peace prize. From the October 12, 2016 edition of The Briefing by Dr. Albert Mohler:
. . .and the controversy this year has to do with the fact that Santos was awarded the prize precisely because he had negotiated an historic treaty of peace between his nation and the so-called FARC rebels. They had been fighting a civil war for decades, a civil war that had brought much mayhem and murder and a great deal of death to the nations. But what makes the story really interesting is that the peace prize was awarded publicly just days after the president was repudiated by the citizens of the nation who turned down that peace agreement with the rebels and put the president back at the starting line in terms of the negotiation.
Dr. David Coppedge thinks that the Nobel Prize for science should be scrapped. He gave sixteen reasons for doing so, although I reject his first two. Several of his points merit serious consideration, such as the fact that several more fields of science have been developed over the years, and that worthy people have been shunned by the committee.

One problem I see is that since Big Science has been enslaved by leftist owlhoots, there could be an increase in naturalistic, anti-God awards to secularist ideologues if more categories were added. People must stop uncritically accepting agenda-driven claims made by secular scientists who deny the existence and revelation of God. It can't happen with the small, biased Nobel committee that makes its own rules and answers to no one.

There are tinhorns on the Web that troll and say, "You creationists should disprove evolution and win your Nobel Prizes!" They don't know much about the prize, it's selection process, and categories. I've reminded them that there's no prize for evolution. However, secularists who award the prizes may very well come up with that category. Of course, they'd have to rescind a passel of prizes because so many evolutionary "discoveries" are disproved, re-dated, changed, and even found to be the products of plagiarism and fraud.

Sorry, cousins in Sweden. The Nobel Prizes for science has serious flaws, as does the prize for peace.

October 13, 2016

Evolution and the "Separation of Church and State"

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Actually, the title of this post is slightly inaccurate. It's actually more like "Evolutionary thinking and the so-called 'wall of separation between church and state'". A story I like to tell is that I was in a discussion with someone on this:

Me: The constitution says that the church shall be separated from the state, and the school from the church.

He: Right.

Me: That's the Soviet constitution.

He: Wait...

The secularist war cry in America is often, "Separation of church and state". But that's not in the Constitution!

There's your problem, Hoss. People in this country have been beaten over the the head with the separation thing so often that they actually believe it's in the United States Constitution. It's not. It was in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to Baptists in Danbury, Connecticut. They were worried that they'd lose their freedom of religion, and Jefferson reassured them that they have nothing to fear about the government establishing a particular denomination.

Nowadays, secularist sidewinders will use "separation of church and state" as a rallying cry when the go on the warpath against any perceived from by a dreaded theist, oh, yucky, ptui, ptui! Col. Jeff Williams of NASA read from Psalm 24 and got a slapdown in a comment because he was an employee of a US government agency. Town of Greece, New York opened town meetings with prayer, so an atheist was "offended" and had to run crying to Nanny State. The foolish complaint went all the way to the US Supreme Court, where it was finally laid to rest. Coach Kevin Wallace and public school student football players prayed before a game, so they went screaming to an atheopath organization over the "separation" thing. There are many more instances of atheistic attacks on the freedoms of Christians.

Secularists try to rewrite history and deny the fact that the United States was founded on Christian principles. Secularism has been at a walk, then trot, then canter, and is pretty much at a full gallop. Most Christians (indeed, most Americans) are not interested in forcing our beliefs on others; we're not Mohammedans, after all. You're free to believe or disbelieve whatever you want without governmental interference unless you're plotting treason or harm to others. A good part of the problem with the erosion of Christian freedoms is rooted in evolutionary thinking, based on the biological concept of muck-to-materialist evolution. I have some items for you to see that can help clarify:
 Until we lose our freedoms, we must continue to be faithful to God's Word and proclaim the truth.

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