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Atheists Instructed to Lie to their Children

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  We have seen over the years on this site and many others that professing atheists have faulty moral compasses , and their worldview has no real hope or purpose . Indeed, it is incoherent and cannot be lived consistently. If someone is an atheist, why would it be wrong to lie? Image corrected from PIXNIO . There are times when an atheist objects to something a Christian or biblical creationist says and makes an accusation of "you're lying". Why is that wrong in their worldview? (One of the times that I defeated a certain atheist is when I asked, "If I was actually lying, which has not been proved, why would that be wrong in your worldview?" The reply was, "Because I am not like you". That answer revealed some of his irrationality.) Of course, the same question could be asked of Clinton Richard Dawkins when he indulged in this bigotry . According to materialism, we are just " ugly bags of mostly water " that r