January 1, 2020

Atheists Instructed to Lie to their Children

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

We have seen over the years on this site and many others that professing atheists have faulty moral compasses, and their worldview has no real hope or purpose. Indeed, it is incoherent and cannot be lived consistently. If someone is an atheist, why would it be wrong to lie?

Since religious people have better mental health than atheists, disbelieving parents are told to lie to their children about God. This causes many problems for their faulty moral compasses.
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There are times when an atheist objects to something a Christian or biblical creationist says and makes an accusation of "you're lying". Why is that wrong in their worldview? (One of the times that I defeated a certain atheist is when I asked, "If I was actually lying, which has not been proved, why would that be wrong in your worldview?" The reply was, "Because I am not like you". That answer revealed some of his irrationality.) Of course, the same question could be asked of Clinton Richard Dawkins when he indulged in this bigotry.

According to materialism, we are just "ugly bags of mostly water" that react to our chemistry. Dishonesty is neither right nor wrong. For that matter, they have no right to complain about biblical creationists because we are "born this way", and they would be consistent in ridiculing someone who was born blind!

Dr. R. Albert Mohler had a segment on The Briefing that inspired this article. In it, he discussed how someone advised atheist parents to lie to their children about God. This is strictly from a pragmatic and functionalist view of religion (used here, it is a vague word). "Religious" people have better mental health, so lie to them if you don't believe in God. They want the benefits of religion, but deny the truth and substitute the mythology of evolution.

Pull back on them thar reins and holler, "Whoa!", Wilberforce! There are accounts of Christian parents who told their children that the secular version of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are real, then when they learned that those are strictly fantasy, began to doubt the truth of the birth, death, crucifixion and bodily resurrection of Jesus. (My kids were told early on that they were just pretend.) What will the kids say when they realize that the parents blatantly lied about God? Mayhaps they'll question other "truths" that were told by these atheists.

Atheists get on the prod when we talk about recent creation and how the Bible is inerrant. They also detest the fact that their views lack the necessary preconditions of intelligibility, and by claiming something is right or wrong, they are tacitly standing on the Christian worldview. In lying to their children, atheists are contradictory. The God who gave them life and truth also commanded people not to lie. These folks need to stop suppressing the truth in unrighteousness, humble themselves, and repent before Almighty God.

I mentioned earlier that this article was inspired by Dr. Mohler. I urge you to read the transcript of download the audio. (Helpful hint: the segment under discussion is about eleven minutes long, and if you click on "Part 2", you can listen to it right away.) To investigate, click on "Friday, December 13, 2019" and look for that second part.


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