February 12, 2020

Totalitarian Leftists Hijacking Science

The influence of Darwin's ideas has not been confined to biology, and has influenced other sciences. Unfortunately, these fundamentally flawed concepts have been applied to western society as social Darwinism, giving us eugenics, justification for abortion, and influencing tyrants. For Question Evolution Day, we will see some examples of how leftist ideologies, influenced by Darwinism, have hijacked much of the secular science industry.

Scientists are biased, and many are active promoting leftist causes. Scientific and academic institutions show their loathings for Bible believers.

Charles Darwin hated God and the Bible, and that view influenced his version of the evolution myth. Other people who wanted to rebel against God as well as theistic evolutionists (a religious fifth column working to nullify biblical theology) embraced those views. Since evolution is pervasive throughout the secular science industry, actual truth-seeking science has been hijacked by leftists who propagate evolutionism. The battle of worldviews is clearly evident.

It is interesting to this child that with postmodernism and truth being considered relative and without absolutes, people appeal to science as an arbiter of right and wrong — but only when it suits leftist causes. It is a scientific fact that men and women have different XY chromosomes, and no "gender reassignment" can change that fact. But yee haw boy howdy, if someone states that there are only two sexes, he can lose his job. It almost seems pointless to discuss facts and truth when people only use them when convenient. It's like American Democrats hypocritically appealing to religion and the US Constitution when they are trying to manipulate the public, but they show disdain for both the rest of the time.

People who have seen my work before know that I emphasize clarifying words and terms for more effective communication. Atheists and evolutionists play fast and loose with definitions, using the fallacy of conflation by changing the meanings of words and by disingenuously equating variations and change to mean evolution in the Darwinian sense. Leftists are manipulating the language of science for their own ends, and people who are supposedly doing science are making using false science for political causes. We have several important articles for your education and edification.
Leftist academia pretends to be pro-science, but the politics drives their positions.

A funny thing happened in the Inspector General’s report (see Breitbart News) on abuses by the FBI in early December, 2019. The IG found 17 abuses they committed in obtaining FISA Court authorization to spy on the presidential campaign. The funny thing was, all 17 of the mistakes and abuses helped the Democrats, but hurt the Republicans. Some commentators noted that all the “mistakes” worked to try to hinder the Trump campaign and administration once he was elected. This undercut any claims of objectivity by the FBI agents.

A similar thing is going on in “political” science (meaning: science that intersects with governmental policies). No matter the subject, it’s always anti-Trump. It’s uniformly in favor of Leftist ideals, including global governance, redistribution of wealth, and radical environmentalism. The conservative Trump administration is always cast in the worst possible light, but the same scientists and media people completely ignore or excuse similar policies or actions by the past liberal administration of Obama. This also undercuts any claims of objectivity by Big Science and Big Media who also, notably, accept Darwinian evolution uncritically. Let’s look at some recent examples. [Article written January 11, 2020]
To learn about what's happening, click on "Leftism Manipulates Science Language". I'd be much obliged if you'd come back for the other articles.

We continue with how leftists appeal to science and use it as a disguise for their political causes. Environmentalism is a good idea, but not when it's done for their agendas for power. Anthropogenic climate change supporters reject scientific information that does not fit their existing conclusions. Homosexuality evolved for social reasons (this is illogical, presupposing evolution from the get-go). There are other examples to consider.
Leftists have learned that the ‘science costume’ is their most effective means of propaganda.

Science is supposed to be apolitical. Why is so much of the science news profoundly leftist in view? Do leftists really have science on their side? We think not. Rather, it’s a consequence of political and cultural movements that began in the riots of the 1960s, when radicals crept into the universities and slowly took over. Now, many university departments lack a single conservative, especially in political ‘science,’ psychology and the biological sciences. The materialist aspect of leftist science can be traced back to Darwin and others like Comte du Buffon (16 September 2018).

Liberals are not necessarily leftists, because classical liberals believe in free speech. Leftists are totalitarians. They are pushing right now for a society of uniform acceptance of their goals: global governance, redistribution of wealth (socialism and communism) and radical materialism. Most of them are Darwinists. They advocate unlimited abortion and even infanticide and eugenics. Most of them are atheists who hate religion. Instead of appealing to evidence and logic, they use subversion to undermine traditional values and foment class warfare to increase the ranks of ‘victims’ who can be exploited for a socialist revolution. They engage in punishing those who refuse to kowtow to their redefinition of terms like sex, gender and marriage. They do this by mounting lawsuits, and coercing corporations and governments to make traditional values illegal. These haters accuse their opponents of hate.
You can read this second article by following the link to "Leftists Use Science as Camouflage". Then we have a third installment.

Totalitarians are already gaining power and using science with useful idiots in the secular science industry. Words and phrases are manufactured those that already exist are given new meanings that suit the ruling elite. From their perspective, you must not think for yourself, and you certainly cannot speak or write contrary views in many cases before you are silenced (or at least negated). Notice that leftist causes are anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Bible, and they are increasing in fervor.
Totalitarians must be resisted before they gain power. The potential evils are far greater today with the growing loss of privacy, GPS tracking, and social-media databases. Big Brother is here, watching our every move. Today’s totalitarians would create genetically-modified clones if they could – beings incapable of resistance. They never want to reason their way into power, convincing citizens by logic and history that they have better ideas. No; they seek power by subversion. Our Baloney Detector defines propaganda as “Any attempt to influence people’s actions or attitudes without making them think.” It includes nudging (11 June 2017), repetition, and redefining words. Look how modern totalitarians are manipulating citizens with subterfuge, not reason:
For the entire alarming article, click on "Totalitarians on the Loose in Science". Then you can come back for the last of the articles. You'll thank me later.

Secularists did a study and told us what we already know: Christians, and especially creationists, are unwelcome in the halls of academic indoctrination. The research was conducted using a materialistic approach, of course, but still had some interesting conclusions. They apparently were not interest in the clash of worldviews, and could not possibly consider the fact that the world is under Satan's control and that he blinds unbelievers (John 8:44, 1 Cor. 2:14, 2 Cor. 4:4, Rom. 5:10). As I have said many times, origins and other matters are not about facts or intellect, but are instead spiritually based. Materialists presuppose that God is not there, so their research is fatally flawed.
I have now been researching the problem of academic intolerance against Christians for over a half a century. A paper by Barnes et al. published on January 29th in PLoS One is the first research study that appears to attempt to find out why scientists and academics are biased against Christians, specifically Creationists. Many studies have been completed, mostly to find out how many students hold to a creation worldview and, once the number was determined, the study focused on how to better indoctrinate students into the Darwinian worldview to lower what the study’s authors argue is the unacceptably high number of Darwin Doubters.  It is well documented  that scientists are generally opposed to theism, especially a creation worldview.

In short, according to a recent Gallup poll, 40 percent of Americans agree that humans were created less than 10,000 years ago, a position the Brenan calls a “strictly creationist view of human origins.” This is in contrast to the orthodox Darwinist view that  humans evolved from some ape they call the modern ape-human common ancestor, some 6-to-7-million Darwin years ago, and that God had nothing to do with either creation.

The fact that almost half of Americans reject the alleged ‘most basic foundation of science,’ evolution, is highlighted as evidence of the abysmal state of science education in America. They view it as a crisis of denying ‘the fact of evolution,’ a premise believed to be so firmly supported by evidence that many assume it is true and, therefore, act and teach as if it were true. Accepting this definition, Darwinists argue that evolution has been overwhelmingly validated by the evidence in the same way that the Earth’s revolution around the Sun is a fact. The quotation below from a leading evolutionist of the last century, Hermann J. Muller, in his article titled, “One Hundred Years Without Darwinism Are Enough,” explains the point very well.
You can read the rest of Dr. Bergman's article (note the many materialistic presuppositions) by clicking on "Anti-Christian Bias in Academia Is Real".

Question Evolution Day has several purposes, and one of those is to give support for intellectual, academic, speech, and other freedoms. We must use our freedoms while we still have them.

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