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A Few Samples of Atheist Hate

This is so easy, I do not even bother with it very much. Abundance and all that. First, a typical example. It was at (surprise!) an atheist's Weblog. Comment 1 was about me, Comment 2 was about a forthcoming book the atheist was publishing, Comment 3 was my reply to comment 1. I did not go back after I left my comment and took the screen shot (click for larger): I wonder if he knows that The Question Evolution Project has far more than 60 "Likes" on Facebook and is still growing. Next is a real dandy! This atheopath was so full of hate, rage and utter stupidity, but not an ounce of logic. I could have filled the page with our go-arounds, but decided to select three samples. You can count the logical fallacies yourselves: Here's the funny part. This exchange happened after I posted several examples of and links to atheistic bigotry. He denied reality (as they often do). Not too long ago, I had this ironic bit of confirmation of atheistic bigotry:

Are Children Born Theist?

Edited 5-30-2016 and 4-12-2021 Buon giorno. In late 2010 and early 2011, I attracted the attention of a furious misotheist tinhorn who used one of the mantras that people of is type will copy and paste from other non-thinking atheist propaganda sites. Specifically, the claim that "children are born atheist, and learn theism later on". I called him on it; this is an unprovable assertion. Instead of offering evidence to support his fallacious assertion, he followed the Atheist Handbook™ and resorted to ridicule. It appears that not only is the claim that "children are born atheist" a fallacy of assertion and completely unsupportable, the opposite may be true! Yep, children may be born theist. Is atheism or theism more natural for human beings? According to online author Tim Covell, “Everyone is born atheist. Religion is learned.” Over at the “rational response squad” you’re treated to the claim that “Many people don’t know it but everyone is born an Athei

"Tolerance" and "Coexist" Contradicted

These have been floating around in my Internet circles. "Coexist"? Not likely. Here's why: