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Zoroaster and Monotheism

As a kid, I liked watching Zoroaster, as portrayed by Guy Williams. He wore a mask, fought for justice in Spanish California, and slash a Z with his sword — "No, Cowboy Bob! You're thinking of Zorro! " Oh, right. I was wondering why he started a religion over yonder, in Persia and India. Now it's time to stop playing with words and get serious. The history of Zoroaster (Zarathustra, and other names) is controversial, and is generally considered to have lived long before Jesus. Some two-bit tinhorns say that Christianity stole concepts from Zoroastrianism and Mithraism , but examinations of source documents show that such is not the case. Public domain image attributed to Clavis Artis, an alchemy manuscript, via Wikimedia Commons Zoroastrianism is considered monotheistic, but that is not entirely accurate because. They have a God, but also have an immortal counterpart for evil. Christianity does not have Satan as God's equal, but as a created being who