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Misotheists, Evolutionists Play the Offended Card

Instead of dealing with issues and confrontations with reason, people dodge them by playing the victim card. They often claim to be offended. This manipulation ploy works on many people, especially Christians and Conservatives, who do not want to be seen as aggressors. It is one thing to tell the truth in an offensive manner (which can potentially negate a message), but the truth itself is offensive to people who are in the wrong. Especially the gospel message itself.  Modified from an image made by Why?Outreach While Christians and creationists are to present our message graciously, there are times when we must stand firm. Some Christians clutch their pearls when firm responses given to atheists and evolutionists. They give what I think of as the milk-and-cookies-group-hug reaction: "You'll hurt their feelings, they'll chose against Christ and go to Hell, and it'll be all your fault !" Not hardly! They're responsible for choices and decisions, but I'll a