Misotheists, Evolutionists Play the Offended Card

Instead of dealing with issues and confrontations with reason, people dodge them by playing the victim card. They often claim to be offended. This manipulation ploy works on many people, especially Christians and Conservatives, who do not want to be seen as aggressors.

It is one thing to tell the truth in an offensive manner (which can potentially negate a message), but the truth itself is offensive to people who are in the wrong. Especially the gospel message itself. 

Some people claim to be offended or have hurt feelings when the truth is presented. We need to be careful not to be manipulated into backing down.
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While Christians and creationists are to present our message graciously, there are times when we must stand firm. Some Christians clutch their pearls when firm responses given to atheists and evolutionists. They give what I think of as the milk-and-cookies-group-hug reaction: "You'll hurt their feelings, they'll chose against Christ and go to Hell, and it'll be all your fault!" Not hardly! They're responsible for choices and decisions, but I'll allow that some of us can get a mite rambunctious when standing up to bullies, and we have to be careful of that.

When someone claims to be offended or have hurt feelings because we present the gospel, argue for creation (both biblically and scientifically), and so on, they need to cowboy up. Deal with it.

There was a time when people were trained to think critically and examine material, not seek safe spaces because the very existence of someone offering a contrary view hurts their feelings. Some atheists pretend to be offended at word choices, but their feigned outrage is often manufactured, as I demonstrated in this article. We have to be bold and not back down, but take care to not be offensive in our conduct. Although the article linked below is from 2010, it still has a great deal of relevance today.

“I’ve been doing science for 30 years; don’t you think it offends me when you say you don’t believe in evolution?”

I nearly fell out of my chair! I had been asked by an atheist group (the Center for Inquiry) to come down and speak at a meeting they were holding to discuss their recent promotion of a bus advertising campaign on the Toronto Transit line declaring “There is probably no God, so relax and enjoy your life.” They apparently wanted a “religious” view represented so had invited me.

After the initial pre-determined questions to the panel members were asked, the audience (all atheists except for one to my knowledge) were invited to ask questions. The (biologist) gentlemen’s question (above) was issued to me after I had declared I was a creationist.

You can finish reading this useful article by visiting "Sticks and stones may break bones, but … “Your words hurt me!” say atheists." Now if you'll excuse me, I need to watch this video again.


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