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Another Sign that Atheism is Fading

Buona sera. The exceptionally loud minority of vociferous children seems to be shrinking. Atheists have never been popular, and are the least-liked group in America (and probably most of the world). "Why don't people like atheists, Uncle Bob?" This is not the kind of atheist that is a "live and let live" type, you believe, I don't, so what? No, so-called "New Atheism" is shrill, irrational, obnoxious, vituperative — it becomes a caricature of itself . People want meaning in their lives, and are not satisfied with a religion that is based on bad thinking, emotionalism and hate. The obstreperous atheist handbook says that if you cannot defeat your opponent through reason (which is the usual outcome for these kids), resort to finding any and every excuse to mock and ridicule said opponent. It does not solve the problem, but attempting to tear others down somehow makes atheopaths feel better about themselves, capice? So, be careful how your spen