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The Deadly Religion of Atheism

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen One of the most common mantras of the religion of atheism is the lie that religion is the cause of most wars . Not hardly! If we exclude atheism from a list of religions, we find that their claim is completely false . Instead of using a false over-generalization of "religion", they could be more accurate by demonizing governments as the cause of wars. The fact is, atheism is a vicious, murderous worldview. If you study on it, you'll see that professing atheists proclaim "reason", and then proceed to flagrantly abuse the process (such as the illegitimate complaint used against the Ark Encounter that the money used there could feed starving children ). In fact, the claim to be "rational" and "freethinkers" because they reject God strongly implies that Christians and other "religious" people are not rational or able to think freely. This is clearly untrue, as many of the greatest minds, past and pres