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Hat tip: Unnamed informant for the screen shot. I should not take pleasure in helping atheist trolls humiliate themselves, but I can't help it with this one. Why do people like this think (a) that they have something worthwhile to say, and (b) everyone has to experience their silly remarks? Their egos are both fragile and phenomenally large. Hey ! He hates Dr. Georgia Purdom . (You know, she's the one that Bill Nye is afraid of debating .) Well, this font is called "Geor gia". I picked it out just for him. Here is a con fession of him stalking me. And I caught him in some lies as well. And the sending of unwanted mail? That's spam. But he's been told tha t it won't get through . I made some annotations , and my comments are in b right blue type (click for larger) : Edit: In my enthusiasm to post this, I forgot to mention that he made an assumption, th at I am the Admin in the discussion and did the banning. Prove it. By the way. He w

Not That It Matters...

...but we're done with dates like these for a long, long time.  Edit: Ashamed to admit that I wasn't able to use Firefox for this. Anyway, I had this clock running, took a screen shot at the right second, pasted into Paint, saved as a JPEG, uploaded, posted — all within the remaining 48 seconds so this post would happen on 12-12-2012. Just to see if I could do it. What an unimportant success!

Dismantling a Dawkins Disciple

An angry, uninformed atheopath took exception to The Question Evolution Project making sport of an atheist pope who ridicules the beliefs of others. Here is the "meme" that upset him: This is what he said, and the provocative reply (with a bonus troll remark just above his): Since some of us are not fond of bullies, trolls and obstreperous twits, it was kicked up a notch: The "previous comment" referenced there was a link to an article with proof that many professional atheists do believe that everything came from nothing . He did not like the way the game was going, and proceeded to fuss more: Note the foolish attempt at ridicule by bringing up Jesus in an attempt to force us to a standard that he himself does not believe (typical hypocrisy of atheists), and then calling TQEP "liar". It's amazing how people love their hero but don't know much about what has been said or written. Here is proof in his own words that Richard D