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Mosque, Meet My Pig Farm!

Here's a good one. Muslims buy some land and want to build a mosque ( a symbol of Islamic victory ). A guy has owned land there for some time. He is a pig farmer. They have the audacity to ask him to move. Nothing doing. So, he gets creative:

Atheist "Poes": They Make Their Own

“Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humour, it is impossible to create a parody of fundamentalism that someone won't mistake for the real thing.” The General Case of Poe's Law is "It is impossible to tell for certain the difference between genuine stupidity and a parody of stupidity." [ 1 ] It is a common attack at someone who uncompromisingly stands for their Conservative and Christian convictions to call him or her a "Poe". That is, someone is accused of being so ridiculous in their beliefs, he or she is essentially acting like a fool and cannot be taken seriously. It is usually just another attempt at the Appeal to Ridicule fallacy in an effort to dismiss the person instead of dealing with the argument itself. Modern fundamentalist atheism creates its own "Poes". They are hateful and angry, and put people off by their vituperation, lack of logic, constant protests and so on. (And they wonder why they are the least liked g

Video: Fallacy of Proof by Assertion in Action

Atheist Michael Shermer caught making things up, click here for the video .

Logic Lessons: Proof by Assertion

As usual, the more I examine logical fallacies, the more I see how people blend their fallacies into dreadful monstrosities. I have had many experiences where people will attack by asserting that they have a bad or ulterior motive, so be careful of Proof by Assertion because it lends itself to reinforcing other fallacies. " Proof by Assertion " (sometimes "Proof by  Repeated  Assertion", a relative of  Circular Reasoning ) is one of my favorite fallacies because I encounter it so  very  often. In its simplest form, Proof by Assertion happens when someone declares a "fact" without offering supporting evidence: This is similar to the mantra, "Evolution is science, creation is religion". An assertion with an excuse. I still say, "Disingenuous". That was a very strange assertion and cop-out. Another reason that I like "Proof by Assertion" is that it is conveniently linked with

I Have a Question

Buona sera.  Before I ask my question, I need to give some background information. My regular readers know that I am very annoying to certain people because I am not only an unashamed follower of Jesus, but I am also a Biblical creationist for our origins (evolution is untrue, evidence points to God of the Bible). Naturally, I have some vituperative atheist stalkers. One in particular has a phone-in podcast where they malign Christians. He and his cronies have attempted to have me call their "show" through various means: Appeal to pride Appeal to cause (ie, "Don't make Jesus cry by refusing") Repetitive attempts at bullying Attempts at humiliation Ridicule Libel The one that is probably their ringleader has consistently shown himself incapable of understanding basic logic;  insists that I call "The Atheist Experience" because he called Matt Slick at CARM (I do not see much point in debates, and do not seek debates); is unnaturally