October 15, 2011

Video: Fallacy of Proof by Assertion in Action

Atheist Michael Shermer caught making things up, click here for the video.


Bob Sorensen said...

I had a comment from someone who is banned from this site. He'll get a modicum of the attention he craves here.

"Shermer made a valid point that the Bible refers to Jesus as 'Jesus of Nazareth' which would be correct if he was from Nazareth, it doesn't call him 'Jesus of Bethlehem', and the answer given by the Christian in the discussion was pretty weak as well.

"At the very WORST Shermer misunderstood the Bible, but as he used to be a fundamentalist Christian himself, I find that unlikely."

No, the guy who should have known better flat-out lied. Your misunderstanding of Scripture does not help your case in defending a fellow atheist. Especially your second sentence, you made the case worse.

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