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Atheists and Evidence for God

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  A common occurrence when dealing with professing (Rom. 1:20) atheists is a demand to "prove that God exists", usually with some kind of empirical evidence. (This is the logical fallacy of the category error, because God is spirit, John 4:24.) On more than one occasion, other Christians and I have had such demands followed with question-begging epithets . It may come as a shock, but evidence is for believers , not scoffers.  Assembled with graphics from Clker clipart In the famous debate between Drs. Greg Bahnsen and Gordon Stein, the latter said that he would be persuaded if a miracle happened in his presence. Stein suggested that if the podium rose up five feet, hung there, then dropped down, he would have to conclude something supernatural had happened. Bahnsen was having none of that : People are not made theists by miracles. People must change their world views; their hearts must be changed. They need to be converted. That what it takes, and that’s