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More Leftist Malarkey in the Secular Science Industry

When writing about science and the origins controversy, it is a given that Darwinism and theology will intersect (such as the dependence of atheism upon Darwinism). It is indeed unfortunate that the secular science industry is riding for the leftist brand instead of trying to do science. Mostly made at PhotoFunia Some people may scoff when we say that the secular science industry supports causes that are on the far left of the political spectrum, but we can back up such claims. Most of these come ultimately link to material from Creation-Evolution Headlines: Blind Bias in the Secular Science Industry More Leftist Activism from the Secular Science Industry The Secular Science Industry and Gender Confusion Evolution, Paganism, and Gender Confusion Totalitarian Leftists Hijacking Science COVID-19, Up Jumps Incendiary Darwinist Opportunism Margaret Sanger Gets Cancelled — Finally, Darwin Disciple Margaret Sanger is Exposed by the Liberal Media! Leftist Scientism Attacks Manh