More Leftist Malarkey in the Secular Science Industry

When writing about science and the origins controversy, it is a given that Darwinism and theology will intersect (such as the dependence of atheism upon Darwinism). It is indeed unfortunate that the secular science industry is riding for the leftist brand instead of trying to do science.

The secular science industry is increasingly in support of leftist agendas, even to the point of using their power to suppress the rights of people who do not think they way leftists prefer.
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Some people may scoff when we say that the secular science industry supports causes that are on the far left of the political spectrum, but we can back up such claims. Most of these come ultimately link to material from Creation-Evolution Headlines:
Those ought to keep "fact checkers" busy for a while.

We have three important articles to ponder below. They're not exactly huge, but devastating to the leadership in secular science. As an aside, however, we know there are people in science and academic professions who just want to do their jobs. News has come out that the US FBI is corrupt, but there are agents working diligently to keep us safe and have no say in what happens at the upper levels. The same is true in science organizations. You savvy that?

To help emphasize the point that the secular science industry has a leftist agenda, we have three articles to examine. As we have seen, the powers that be in science and academic organizations have been caught stacking the deck in favor of leftist causes. After the hands at the Darwin Ranch were done running in circles, screaming and shouting, they attempted to gaslight the world. "Political? Uh, sure, science has been political for a long time, ya silly galoots!"

Others continued to make the Wuhan COVID-19 virus into a political thing, including about racism (while ignoring pertinent information that involved data sampling and differences in subcultures). Those tinhorns conveniently forgot to mention things in their own history, such as scientific racism and eugenics. They even dodge their own racism. Then there's the appeal for more transparency and morality (like we need more of that stuff from secularists!), which would be interesting if applied to creation science instead of blackballing it.
Big Science is recognizing its political bias and lack of integrity. Sometimes they worry about it; sometimes they just rationalize it.
As we have noted previously, the leaders of Big Science (i.e., the journals, lobbyists, and academic institutions who presume to “speak for science”) have a decidedly leftist bent (13 July 2020). As we have also noted, they are worried about lack of integrity and loss of public trust (9 July 2020).  Here are some recent headlines on those topics.
You can read the first article at "Political Science Swallows Empiricism". Don't wander too far away, we have a couple more startling articles.

Not only has the secular science industry promoted leftist causes, but they have been acting like an arm of the Democrat Party. They want "progressive" causes (read: anti-creationist, socialist, abortionist, and so on). In fact, the pusillanimous science media have been saddling up and riding for communist views. You might think I've been into the peyote buttons, but this, too, is supported in the link below. 

Worse, Chinese Communists get a platform to denounce American Conservatives, but the media do not bother with due diligence and get the other side of the story. How about the way COVID-19 mask-wearing mandates are inconsistent and discriminatory and those who question or resist must be punished? It's the same modus operandi as the leftist propaganda for global climate change/warming.
We challenge you to find any science story that praises conservatives for anything. Big Science would rather praise communist China.

For those who are not convinced of the complete abdication of Big Science and Big Media to the anti-Trump Democrat Party, and to its comrades in socialist and radical leftist organizations, let facts be submitted to a candid world.
They sure do love them some atheism! You can read about what was mentioned above and more by following the link to "Leftist Takeover of Big Science Continues". To be blunt, the last article (below) is quite alarming.

Regular readers have seen that when atheists and evolutionists talk about morality, it is from a materialistic worldview. It is therefore inconsistent, arbitrary, and incoherent. Yet sidewinders like that want to control the narrative, and even our very thoughts. Object to wearing a mask for the Wuhan virus or doubt the fake news media? That can be fixed. Take a pill. Oh, you don't want the pill? Our morality dictates that we can put it in your water! A government that allows something like this has no moral foundation to hinder it from using that or other surreptitious methods to control people. The only true foundation for morality is found in the Word of God.
Leftist totalitarians are becoming more brazen in their tactics for enforcing conformity on the public.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been developing into a fight between individualism and groupthink. When the seriousness of COVID-19 was unfolding in March, most citizens complied with government mandates, even to great personal loss of incomes and businesses. . . . citizens have been watching very unequal application of mandates: gambling halls are OK, but church meetings are not; rioters get away with close encounters without masks, but everybody else must wear a mask, even when alone at home or in the woods by oneself. . . . At the heart of the contest are scientific questions: what does the science say about masks and social distancing? Both sides are appealing to scientific facts to support their positions.
To read this disconcerting article, click on "Don’t Swallow the Morality Pill". Don't be surprised if this and the other articles are made to go away before you get there.


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